Mick's Blue Skye Rangers

Mick's Blue Skye Rangers.jpg
Mick's Blue Skye Rangers
Unit Profile (as of 3069)
CO Captain Keith A. Mick
JumpShips no
DropShips no
Aerospace yes
Armor no
Infantry yes


Mick's Blue Skye Rangers were formed in 3056 as a single mercenary company of infantry with air support. The unit had contracts with both the Lyran Alliance and the Federated Suns.

The unit was destroyed on Kawich in July of 3069 by Blakist forces.


Captain Keith A. Mick was their CO.[citation needed]


The unit was trained extensively for air raids, quick-strikes, and guerrilla operations. They advertised themselves as specialists in scouting and infiltration missions.


  • Technical: 100%

- They use integral Planetlifters and a lance of Karnovs for quick deployment while on assignment. They also have their own combat engineers which have been trained in the establishment of temporary airfields and support facilities for the unit.

Dragoon Ratings[edit]


Dragoon Rating: C+



Mick’s Blue Skye Rangers(1 Company/Regular/Reliable)

  • CO: Captain Keith A. Mick
  • XO: Sergeant Hermann Geiger

-The unit contains one combat VTOL lance. - One infantry-transport lance, and a third lance of MechBusters.



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