Micro Pulse Laser

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Micro Pulse Laser
Production information
Type Energy (Pulse)
Tech Base Clan
Year Availability 3060 (CSJ)[1][2]
Availability Ratings X[1]/X[1]/D[1]
Technical specifications
Heat 1[3]
Damage 3[3]
Minimum Range 0[3]
Short Range 1[3]
Medium Range 2[3]
Long Range 3[3]
Tons 0.5[3]
Critical Slots 1[3]
Ammo Per Ton --
Cost (unloaded) 12,500[1]
Ammo Cost (per ton) N/A
BV (1.0) 12[citation needed]
BV (2.0) 12[4]


The Micro Pulse Laser was designed by Clan Smoke Jaguar primarily for use on ProtoMechs. It has since spread to all the Clans. It has been used on several Battle Armor systems. Like the Small Pulse Laser, this model can be set to a burst fire mode designed to eliminate infantry.[2]


Since the Micro Pulse Laser is exclusively a Clan weapon, there are no Inner Sphere manufacturers or models.


Game Rules[edit]

Like all pulse weapons, Micro Pulse Lasers receive a -2 to hit modifier.[5]


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