Midway (Individual Broadsword-class DropShip)

Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Broadsword (misreported as Leopard; see notes)


The Midway was a Broadsword-class DropShip (misreported as its Inner Sphere equivalent, the Leopard-class) operated by Clan Nova Cat as part of the 3rd Nova Cat Aerospace Cluster. Under Star Captain Cadonna, it took part in the Battle of Luthien during the Clan Invasion.[1]


  • When the Luthien scenario pack was published in 1993, the Clans' own DropShip classes had not yet been introduced to BattleTech; these were only introduced in Technical Readout: 3057 which was published in 1994, i.e. a year later, with the notable exception of the Broadsword class which debuted in the 1992 scenario pack Bloodright. An official ruling thus states that Clan DropShips mentioned in earlier sources including namely the Luthien scenario pack can be assumed to have been of their Clan equivalent classes instead (see Luthien (scenario pack)#Notes).
    That said, the Midway features in a scenario where it would upset or at least significantly alter the balance of the opposing forces to change it from a Leopard into a Broadsword. It is conceivable that the Clans could have captured Leopard-class vessels from the Inner Sphere prior to 3052, and deployed such captured vessels in the Battle of Luthien..


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