Midway (Individual Invader-class JumpShip)

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Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Invader


The Midway was an Invader-class JumpShip discovered in orbit above the world of Haublan by the Chainelane Isles faction known as the Hanju Imperium, when they launched efforts to recolonize the world in 2843. Haublan had previously been colonized by the Rim Worlds Republic, but the colonization efforts had failed, and the Hanju Imperium came to the conclusion that the Midway was probably a part of the protection force assigned to the original Republican colony.[1]

The Hanju Imperium moved the Midway and the two attendant DropShips permanently moored to her hull out of orbit above Haublan, the sole world in the system, and relocated her to a point roughly midway between the jump point and the planet. Haublan had been chosen as the site of the new capital of the Hanju Imperium precisely because of the very long transit time between the system primary and Haublan - almost 138 days - and the Midway served from then on as a waystation.[1]

Although the Midway was consistently woefully under-crewed by the Hanju, but the Imperium entered into an agreement with one of the Jàrnfòlk families, the Klünder sælgeflåde, which saw the Jàrnfòlk visit Haublen approximately once a decade to service the Midway in exchange for hundreds of tons of Haublen rock pears, considered a delicacy by the Jàrnfòlk. This arrangement continued into at least the 3090s despite various corporate and military invasions of Haublan altering the balance of power in the system.[1]


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