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Milligan Draconis March Militia

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Milligan Draconis March Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3062)
Parent Formation Draconis March Militia


During the FedCom Civil War the Milligan DMM provided some of the troops who would later form the 1st Royal Cavaliers.[1]

During the Jihad the Milligan DMM was constantly on the move, first countering threats from the Outworlds Alliance and later defending against pirate incursions.[2]


In 3025 the commanding officer is General Mitch Xexell.[3]

As of 3054 to 3062 the commanding officer was Leftenant General Jill Farlon. The unit's prior commander, Leftenant General Juan Nishioka, drilled and trained the unit to a high degree, but under General Farlon the unit's skill level slipped.[4][5] In 3067 the unit was under the command of Major General Paul Jereboa.[6]


The unit used cavalry tactics to overcome a hostile unit, but without their air support they become easy prey.



Milligan Draconis March Militia (Green/Reliable)[3]

  • CO: General Mitch Xexell


Milligan Draconis March Militia (Green/Reliable)[7]


Milligan Draconis March Militia (Green/Reliable) [4]

  • CO: Leftenant General Juan Nishioka


Milligan Draconis March Militia (1 Regiment/Green/Reliable)[5]

Milligan DMM Aerospace Wing (1 Wing/Regular/Reliable)[5]

  • CO: Lieutenant General Paul Jereboa

Milligan DMM Armor Brigade (2 Regiments/Green/Reliable)[5]

  • CO: Lieutenant General Judge Kynes

Milliagan DMM Infantry Brigade (5 Regiments/Green/Reliable)[5]

  • CO: Lieutenant General Jessica Corrino


After the end of the FedCom Civil War, the Milligan DMM was at approximately 30% of its pre-war strength.[6]


At the end of the Jihad the Milligan Draconis March Militia was at 50% of its nominal strength.[2]



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