Mine Dispenser

Battle Armor Mine Dispenser


The Mine Dispenser is a piece of Battle Armor equipment first produced by the Capellan Confederation for its Fa Shih armor in 3062. Only usable while the armor is hovering in mid-air over the target area, the dispenser detaches one of two canisters. Once the canister has reached the correct altitude, it explodes, propelling dozens of grenade-sized downward with enough force to penetrate several centimeters into the ground. These mines, whether conventional, command-detonated, anti-jump or vibrabomb variety, will arm themselves after a few seconds. The minefield location is then cataloged by the on-board computer for friendly forces and for later mine clearance.[1][2][3]


Game Rules[edit]

Each Mine Dispenser weighs 50kg and comes loaded with two "shots" of which each shot may be used to fill a single hex with mines. Mines cause 10 points of damage.[4] No additional ammo may be bought. Multiple Mine Dispensers may be mounted on a single battle suit.


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