Misha Auburn

Misha Auburn
Born 3009[1]
Affiliation House Auburn
House Redburn
Court Historian
Countess of Tikonov[1]
Parents Thelos Auburn (father)[1]
Siblings Seven sisters[1]
Spouse Andrew Redburn[1]
Children Thelos Redburn
Theodore Redburn
two others

Misha Auburn was House Steiner's family historian, like her father before her, and a close friend of Melissa Steiner since their childhood.

She met Andrew Redburn while he was visiting Tharkad in 3027. In 3030, Redburn and Misha married, and they had four children together.[1] At the time of Redburn's death, the couple had nine grandchildren.[2] One of their eventual descendants would be Damien Redburn, an Exarch of the Republic of the Sphere.[citation needed]

Title and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Countess of Tikonov

Succeeded by


  • Misha Auburn's works as House Steiner's court historian were heavily biased towards favoring House Steiner, to the point of unprofessional adoration or outright propaganda. Her books, including titles such as Twenty Years of Progress, The Triumph of Right, Freedom’s Bloody Price and her eight-volume epic, The Inevitability of Enlightenment, are full of half-truths, speculations, blithe generalities and irrelevant personal digressions; all of them intended to persuade the reader of the ‘obvious’ virtues and integrity of the Federated Commonwealth’s rulers.


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