Mislabeled Drop Boxes (CCG - Limited)

Rarity: Uncommon

Mislabeled Drop Boxes
0+2P Mislabeled Drop Boxes CCG Limited.jpg
Command - Subterfuge
Scrap Mislabeled Drop Boxes when it is revealed.

Reveal the top card from a player's Stockpile until next 'Mech is revealed. Replace one of that player's cards under construction with that 'Mech. Replaced card and all other cards revealed in this way are shuffled into that player's Stockpile. If you do not reveal a 'Mech in this way, all cards revealed are shuffled into that player's Stockpile. Playing Mislabeled Drop Boxes does not count as a deployment if revealed the turn you play it.

0 / 0 Illus: Chris Trevas
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