Missile Artillery Infantry

Kommando Special Forces, Fifth MAC
Platoon Type (Specialty) Mechanized/Wheeled, Field Artillery (None)
Platoon Size (Squad/Platoon) 24 (6/4)
Technical specifications
Primary Weapon 16 Auto-Rifles
Secondary Weapon 8 Support Machine Guns
Armor Capellan Confederation Standard Infantry Kit
Tech Base/Rating Inner Sphere (E/E-F-E)
Transport Weight 40 tons
Ground MP 3
Jump MP 0
Armor Divisor 1
To-Hit Modifier (Range in Hexes)
BV (1.0) 365


Mechanized infantry are capable of carrying artillery into battle thanks to their means of transport. For the Kommando Special Forces of the 5th McCarron's Armored Cavalry, this is a new development. The former mercenaries have only recently begun training in the use of field artillery, used to support MAC maneuver units, but their results have been more than satisfactory.[1]


Auto-Rifles and Support Machine Guns are used primarily for self-defense. The true offensive punch of the Kommandos is their Luxor Mobile Battery system firing Arrow IV Artillery. The system is unwieldy compared to tube artillery and requires 15 men to operate, but its five rounds of ammunition are more than capable of causing immense destruction.

Alpha Strike[edit]

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