This article is about the Interstellar Expeditions JumpShip. For the Dante-class frigate, see Montpellier.
Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip


The JumpShip Montpelier was one of a number of JumpShips operating as a part of the Interstellar Expeditions fleet in the early thirty-first century. The Montpelier was responsible for the discovery of the wrecked hulk of an ancient JumpShip at the zenith jump point of a worldless star in 3029. The star was approximately 150 light-years anti-spinward of Circinus, and the ancient design of the vessel prompted the Montpelier to begin immediate salvage operations.[1]

IE determined that the wrecked JumpShip was a vessel from the Deep Periphery realm known as the Axumite Providence; the JumpShip was one of only two remaining JumpShips operated by the Axumites in the 2890s, and had been stolen by Ahmed Al-Hasar, the councilman for the Providence world of Shahhat, to pursue his agenda to contact the Inner Sphere and obtain new technology and more JumpShips for the Providence. Using information obtained during the salvage operations, IE were able to backtrack Al-Hasar's route and determine the location of the Axumite Providence, beginning observations of the isolated realm in 3035.


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