Monty's Maulers

Monty's Maulers
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation 7th Pesht Regulars
Formed unknown

A Draconis Combine Armored Regiment, normally attached to support the Seventh Pesht Regulars[1].


The unit was noted for participating in heavy fighting during the War of 3039, gaining Veteran status for its skills. After the War, the Maulers were assigned to Land's End, where it remained until 3058. It became part of the Green skilled Seventh Pesht Regulars support force. During the course of its uneventful garrison duty, unit maintained its displine but was unable to keep its skills as sharp they were and became rated as Regular skilled unit[1]. In 3058, however the travelled with Seventh to Meinacos as part of reinforcing the 8th Dieron Regulars in preparation for Operation Bulldog. They had arrived to later for the 8th Dieron as surviving forces from Clan Smoke Jaguar annihilated them. The Seventh Pesht was re-assigned to Courchevel after the Jaguars were forced from Meinacos.

The unit saw action when in 3062, the Combine-Ghost Bear War broke out and Maulers its parent unit routed from Courchevel by Clan Ghost Bears's Third Bear Regulars. The unit fell back to Byesville, where it was repaired and refitted. During the most of the 3060s afterwards, the command trained with the Seventh Pesht in anti-Clan tactics to improve its skills.[2]


As of 3058, the commanding office of the unit was Tai-sa Akito Montgomery[1].[3]


Composition History[edit]


Monty's Maulers (Armored Regiment)[1].

  • Armor Commander: Tai-sa Akito Montgomery
- During its time assigned to Land's End. The DCMS High Command negated its garrison forces on Land's End. Thus the unit was technology refits were barely of Star League quality by 3067, with some Succession War equipment.


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