Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Condor


The SLS Moorfields was a medical DropShip from the Condor class of DropShips. The Moorfields was a Star League Defense Force vessel that accompanied General Aleksandr Kerensky on the Exodus. When the Pentagon Civil War began to erupt on the various worlds settled by the SLDF refugees in the Deep Periphery the Moorfields was one of the ships which travelled to Strana Mechty with Nicholas Kerensky and his followers.[1]

When Nicholas Kerensky launched his new Clans on a campaign to conquer the Pentagon worlds named Operation KLONDIKE the Moorfields accompanied the invasion force tasked with subduing Dagda. When SaKhan Mariel Sanders of Clan Widowmaker was injured by an assassin's bullet on Dagda on the 22nd of October 2821 Sanders was evacuated first to the Widowmaker HQ at Folke and then to the Moorfields when it became evident that her injuries were more severe than originally believed. Unfortunately, the crew and equipment aboard the Moorfields were unable to save Sanders, and her death on the 26th of October made her the most senior-ranking Clan officer to die during the conquest of Dagda.[1]


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