Motorized Infantry

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Motorized infantry ride into battle on light vehicles such as motorcycles and jeeps, making them faster than foot infantry and able to tow heavier support weapons. However they are more restricted in the types of terrain they can traverse, and the high speeds and tight formations they typically fight at have given them a reputation for recklessness. They may also be transported to the battlefield in modified heavy APCs.[1]

Every faction fields troopers bearing weapons, armor and equipment specific to that faction. This leads to an almost limitless variety in unit composition of such troops. Though basic unit types and organization broadly apply across factions.[2]


Motorized Infantry Platoons can be broken down by their basic weaponry.[3] Although this basic armament can be augmented with additional support weapons and equipment.

  • SRMs - In addition to their rifles these platoons are armed with portable SRM launchers.
  • LMRs - Intended to provide fire support for other platoons these troops entered service in the late 3050s.[4]

Motorized infantry can further be augmented beyond portable support weapons with Field Guns. Their light vehicles allow a platoon to tow a small number of 'Mech scale cannons onto the battlefield. The troopers are trained gunners providing crew for each gun dependent on the size of the weapon. The remainder of the platoon provide infantry support.


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