Mu Galaxy (Escorpión Imperio)

Gs mu galaxy.png
Mu Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3086)
Nickname Queensland Garrison
Parent Formation Imperio Militar Del Escorpión


Clan Goliath Scorpion[edit]

The Mu Galaxy was the garrison unit for Marshall. The unit had a reputation as a home for troublemakers, but the Galaxy often defeated forces from Clan Ice Hellion who raided the Coyote enclaves. Mu had less success against Clan Jade Falcon however, which left them eager to prove themselves.[1]

In 3071 Mu Galaxy landed on Grant's Station near the city of New Thebes and took up positions surrounding it. Alpha Galaxy of Clan Steel Viper had been engaging Clan Wolf forces for possession of the city and when Mu arrived launched an attack against their lines. The fresh warriors from Mu Galaxy easily replused the Viper attack and forced them to retreat. Galaxy Commander Allison Baba then challenged the Wolf commander, Star Colonel Derin Wolf to single combat for the city. Derin was defeated and the Scorpions claimed their prize.[2]

In April 3074 the Galaxy's WarShip the Karttikeya was redeployed as an escort vessel for Beta Galaxy.[3]

In 3079 the Galaxy was summoned to Roche by the Khan. From there it moved to Waypoint 531, before continuing to the Umayyad Caliphate early 3080. [4]


As of 3061 to 3067 the commanding officer was Galaxy Commander Allison Baba.[1][5] In 3086 the Galaxy Commander is Pavan Ben-Shimon. [6]


The Galaxy is skilled at finding its way through defensive lines without announcing itself. The warriors of the Galaxy often slip past enemy sentries and leave a token to show they've been there.[1]

Composition History[edit]

Ground Forces[edit]


Naval Assets[edit]




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