Mu Galaxy (Clan Wolf)

Mu Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation Clan Wolf Touman
Formed Ca. 3135-3145[1]


Mu Galaxy was mustered by Clan Wolf during the Dark Age from the population of worlds conquered during the formation of the Wolf Empire. The worlds in question were a group of independent worlds located between the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth and the Duchy of Tamarind, worlds which neither state had claimed historically although their ownership had been the subject of dispute. Unwanted and unloved, the various worlds had little in common other than their proximity to each other and historical grudges against each other.[1]

Having formed Mu Galaxy, Clan Wolf found itself presented with a problem. Although Mu had formed using personnel who volunteered, exposure to the reality of Clan life soon led to Mu's warriors took little interest in training. By 3145 Mu Galaxy had only performed a single exercise that involved all of the various Clusters being required to work together, and that exercise degenerated into a live-fire brawl as various warriors squabbled over centuries of accumulated grudges between their various homeworlds.[1]

In addition to these problems, Mu Galaxy was also rife with petty crimes such as theft, and with desertions; the lack of Clan warriors to implement traditional punishments made enforcing those punishments difficult - particularly as harsh commanders had a tendency to die in "accidents". Other attempts to bring local cultures into the Clan Wolf touman had resulted in successes like Theta Galaxy, but Mu Galaxy highlighted all of the potential risks with such a process coming home to roost. These problems still hadn't been resolved by 3145.[1]


In 3145 the commanding officer was Galaxy Commander Bradford Vickers. His aide was Star Colonel Gerard.[2]


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