Multi-Modal Cybernetic Eye Implant


A Multi-Modal Cybernetic Eye Implant was an advanced type of cybernetic eye developed for the Manei Domini. Unlike the crude replacement eyes used by other Inner Sphere intelligence agencies, the multi-modal variant combined the effects of two different models, such as an infrared and telescopic eye, into one device. The implants also provided for a more sensitive connection when used in conjunction with VDNI and allowed the warrior to synchronize more fully with their machine's external sensors. Available to agents of Omega rank or higher one or both eyes could be modified with multi-modal implants, each one with different capabilities, and used along with a standard cybernetic eye.[1]


In RPG play Multi-Modal eyes have the same capabilities as normal cybernetic eyes and may be cosmetically modified the same way. Switching between different vision modes requires an Incidental Action. In CBT they also provide the same benefits to infantry as normal cybernetic eyes but when used in combination with VDNI allow vehicles, 'Mechs and battle armor units (as long as the majority are so equipped) with an Active Probe whose range is 2hexes. If the unit already has a functioning Active Probe the Multi-Modal/VDNI combination increases the range by 1 hex.[1]


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