Myra Kellison


Myra Kellison (Born ???? - Died 17 Aug 3078) was a news reporter employed by Tharkad Media Associates during the Jihad. Amongst other reports, Kellison covered the liberation of Cor Caroli in early 3077[1], the recapture of Yorii by the Word of Blake's 4th Militia Division[2] and the campaign for Shiloh.[3] After the destructive campaign for New Earth in the middle of 3078 Kellison produced a broadcast that highlighted the effect the campaign was having on the various units on the Lyran front,[4] and when an assassin attempted to strike at the coalition commanders on Altair on the 13th of June 3078 issued the breaking news report covering the incident.[5]

As Operation SCOUR escalated throughout 3078 a number of Kellison's reports produced for TMA were carried by the Interstellar News Network, such as the summary of operations broadcast from Thorin in January[6] and the New Earth report from early June.[4]

Kellison continued to report from the coalition front lines as the allied forces prepared for the direct assault on Terra, with at least one report being carried by DBS from an unknown location on the 14th of August 3078 as Kellison explained in broad details the range of military forces the coalition had in transit to attack Terra.[7] Remaining aboard the CSV Invisible Truth during the campaign within the Terra system, Kellison interviewed Precentor-Admiral Alain Beresick after the battle waged by Task Force CRONUS to capture the Titan Yards at the end of August. Kellison's report highlighted the difficulty with which the allied coalition forces overcome the Blakist defences, and the cost; Beresick confirmed that the coalition's losses included the Aegis-class CSR Blue Quest, the Black Lion-class CW Stealthy Kill, the Congress-class CJF Green Lantern, the Leviathan II-class CGB Great Bear, the Sovetskii Soyuz-class CJF Hawker and the York-class CSR Corvidae.[8]

The CSV Invisible Truth was lost on the 17th of August 3078, and Kellison and her cameraman, Bryant Mathison, were killed aboard the WarShip. Having recorded the speech given by Precentor-Admiral Beresick to launch the battle for Terra,[9] Kellison was killed several hours later when the vanguard forces of which the Invisible Truth was a part were taking heavy damage from the Blakist forces defending Terra. Mathison continued to film after Kellison's death, recording the final strike from the WoBS Righteous Justice which destroyed the Invisible Truth - and the final conversation between Alain Beresick and his Blakist counterpart and former friend, Gregory Zwick, Captain of the Righteous Justice.[10]



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