Myrmidon (Individual Argo-class DropShip)

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This article is about the individual DropShip. For the combat vehicle, see Myrmidon.

Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Argo

One of only two prototypes ever built of the Argo-class of DropShip, the Myrmidon was under construction by Boeing Interstellar at their Galax shipyard. (The other was the Argo, which was sent on its maiden voyage in 2762 and subsequently dropped out of contact.)

The Myrmidon was never completed. While still being prepared for its maiden voyage (implicitly between 2762 and 2766) it was damaged in dock in a terrorist action and never repaired. The fall of the Star League and the subsequent wars had no use for such a large peacetime explorer vessel, and the Myrmidon was eventually broken up for parts and materials while the shipyards were retooled for wartime production.[1]


The Argo class and the two prototypes—Argo and Myrmidon—was so far only described in a Development Update by Harebrained Schemes LLC for their BattleTech (Video Game) Kickstarter project. This source does not meet the current criteria for Canon, and is thus treated as apocryphal at this time.

Incumbent Line Developer Randall N. Bills explicitly stated that it was the intention for this particular game's storyline to be fully canonical. That means that if and when the finished game is released, any information it contains about the Argo will likely be declared canonical.


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