Spirit Vision

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Spirit Vision
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Vincent Mk. 42


As at April 3062 the Vincent Mk. 42-class corvette Spirit Vision was a WarShip within the Clan Nova Cat touman and as such was serving the Second Star League as the SLS Spirit Vision within the Mystic Naval Star. Also serving in the Mystic Naval Star was a sister ship to the Spirit Vision, the SLS Far Vision.[1]

The Spirit Vision continued to serve in the Mystic Naval Star until at least 3067,[2] and would serve as the NCS Spirit Vision during the Jihad, one of the Nova Cat WarShips which joined the allied coalition efforts against the Word of Blake.[3]

During the Jihad the Word of Blake established a new Space Defense System around Bryant. This proved to be a nasty surprise for the attacking Coalition forces in March 3078. The Bastion and Capitol-class space stations made short work of the WarShip group commanded by Star Admiral Erik Devalis.[4] The Nova Cats lost two WarShips as they braved the SDS network, the Spirit Vision and the much larger Black Lion-class battlecruiser NCS Severen Leroux, the flagship of the Nova Cats at the time.[5][3]


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