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Vessel Profile
Previous names Nagasawa
Type WarShip
Class Sovetskii Soyuz


In 3061 the Sovetskii Soyuz-class heavy cruiser CDS Nagasawa was a WarShip in service with the Clan Diamond Shark touman.[1] In the mid-3070s the Nagasawa was deployed as a permanent naval garrison to the world of Itabaiana, guarding the Diamond Shark holdings there, including the important IndustriPlex-C production and research facility.[2]

The Nagasawa was gutted at the final battle of Tukayyid during the Jihad[3] but would remain in service with the Diamond Sharks.[4]

Dark Age[edit]

The Nagasawa was converted into a CargoShip and was renamed the Talismantia at roughly the same time as Clan Diamond Shark became Clan Sea Fox again. The Talismantia was the command ship of the Beta Aimag fleet within the Spina Khanate.

In June 3134, the Beta Aimag command ship meet in a secret meeting at a pirate point in the Vindemiatrix star system, with envoys from Clan Jade Falcon.[5] The ship then proceeded to the Remulac system where she meet the Jumpship, Farstar III, reports sighting of Delta Aimag's in the Adhafera system were in deep in negotiations.[6]

In July she arrived at Adhafera ,where her crew attempted to counter-offer the Delta's negotiations. However, acts of aggression supposedly caused by a terrorist cell caused Beta's ovKhan to declare the world hostile and off limits.

The ship then traveled to Stewart in September, where her personnel went to start trade negotiations with the government there. However, ovKhan's command DropShip and its crew were suddenly in the middle of an invasion by the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth. The ovKhan, suspecting his secret dealings had been revealed, decided to remain on the planet and wait for Clan Sea Fox forces to retrieve him and his loyalists.


  • Other than its exploits during ovKhan Clarke's insurrection, there is no information on the Talismantia aside which has been published in Field Manual: 3145. By 3145, command of the Talismantia and Beta Aimag fleet was given to ovKhan Matthew Horn.[7]
  • * It was confirmed via a question in the "Ask The Writers" forum of the official Catalyst Game Labs forum that the Nagasawa had been renamed the Talismantia:
The Diamond Shark fleet (what survived from the Jihad) was turned into ArcShips or traded to the Snow Ravens for vessels to turn into ArcShips.

Terror of the Deep --> traded to CSR (Lynn McKenna)
Nagasawa --> Talismantia (Spina Beta)
Space Hunter --> Caleuche (Tiburon Gamma)
Tracy --> traded to CSR (Marshal Ney)
Architeuthis --> traded to CSR (Mulhacén)
Swift Strike --> traded to CSR (Kutkh)
Devourer --> severely damaged and scuttled over Twycross circa 3085
Kraken --> Fox ArcShip
Poseidon --> Spina ArcShip
Titanic --> Tiburon ArcShip
Tsunami --> ilKhanate ArcShip

  — Roosterboy, Catalyst Game Labs "Ask The Writer" Forum, 26 Oct 2014


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