Napa Tidal Research

Napa Tidal Research
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Blue Hole[1]
Primary Products Submarine Vessels


In 2714 Napa Tidal Research found itself with a significant business opportunity, presented to the company by Unger Stefanis. Stefanis was the grandson of Trevor Stefanis, an employee of Ryan Semantics - a subdivision of the Ryan Cartel that had specialized in oceanographic research and localized exploration. The Ryan Cartel had liquidated Ryan Semantics along with various other subdivisions as the Cartel's profits slid inexorably downwards as water filtration technology rapidly improved during the Star League era. During the liquidation, Trevor had stolen a prototype mini-submarine that Ryan Semantics had been developing, and Unger proposed to deliver that submarine, capable of working at depths of more than ten kilometers, to Napa Tidal Research in exchange for the rights to the Cokery Island chain on Blue Hole, a chain of flat limestone islands historically used as landing and refueling sites by the Ryan Cartel.[1]

Napa Tidal Research couldn't resist such a tantalizing offer, particularly as projections indicated that the submarine design could be modified with micro-thrusters to create a vessel suitable for exploring low-gravy interstellar bodies such as comets and asteroids. What Napa Tidal Research lacked at the time was the capability to manufacture such a vehicle, which led the company to enter into a partnership with Branson United for manufacturing the mini-submersible, which was dubbed the "Jonah". Orders for the new submersible rapidly outstripped the joint venture's production capacity, however; the delicate precision work and unique casting process meant that the partners could only produce one submersible every eight months. By 2724 the partnership had failed, and the jointly-operated factory was abandoned. Unger Stefanis did exceptionally well out of the deal, however; his "discovery" of underwater grottoes deep below the Cokery Isles, complete with a purification plant that could be connected to the surface, led to him founding Blue Hole Bottling and propelling the Stefanis family into a position of power on Blue Hole.[1]

The ruins of the Jonah-manufacturing factory were purchased by Interplanetary Expeditions in 3032, more than three hundred years after Napa Tidal Research had abandoned it, and IE invested substantially in restoring the factory to manufacture Jonahs for use by the various IE corporations.[1]


Napa Tidal Research has a manufacturing center on the following planet:

Blue Hole[edit]

Components produced on Blue Hole:
Component Type
JN-002 Jonah Submarine[1] Submarine Vessels


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