Nav Hull

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Nav Hull

Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) New Samarkand
Primary Products Naval Vessels

Nav Hull is one of the Draconis Combine's smaller military manufacturers. They specialize in "blue navy" assets like ships and submarines.


Nav Hull has a manufacturing center on the following planet:

New Samarkand[edit]

Components produced on New Samarkand:[1][2][3]
Component Type
Naval Vessel
Monitor[1][2][3][4] Naval Vessels
Mauna Kea[1][4] Naval Vessels
Ashigaru[1][4] Naval Vessels
195 ICE Monitor[2][3]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
ArcShild Maxi II Monitor[3]
ChemJet Gun 185mm Monitor[3]
Harvester 2k Monitor[3]


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