Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class York


The York-class destroyer Nebulous was a WarShip in service with Clan Cloud Cobra. Constructed by the Clans after the Pentagon Civil War, the CCS Nebulous was the only WarShip assigned to Alpha Galxy in 3061;[1] the Nebulous was still in service with the Cloud Cobras in 3067.[2]

In April 3073 the Nebulous was stationed in the Albion system along with the CSS Hertzog's Staff when Clan Blood Spirit forces in the form of Omega and Omicron Galaxies along with the recently repaired Aegis-class CBS Exsanguine arrived with the intent of attacking the Clan Star Adder presence on the planet. Rather than battle the two Cloud Cobra WarShips, the Blood Spirits bargained down the Trial to a duel between Stars of AeroSpace Fighters from the Cloud Cobra Beta Reserve and the best of Omega Galaxy's fighters. The Blood Spirits were ultimately victorious and went on to attack the Star Adders at Indicass Alpha and Beta.[3]

Nebulous and Hertzog's Staff had been deployed to Albion by the Cloud Cobras along with a small merchant convoy to scout the system and assist with the rebuilding of New Bergen; after the arrival of the Blood Spirits, when the discovery of Dark Caste activity at Athens was discovered, Star Admiral Robert Spaatz had the Nebulous and Hertzog's Staff bombard the site from orbit.[4]

The Nebulous was one of the few Cloud Cobra WarShips to survive the Wars of Reaving, and as at 3085 was one of just seven active Cloud Cobra WarShips.[5]


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