Nega Garrison (Clan Wolf)

Nega Garrison Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3058)
Nickname None
Parent Formation Epsilon Galaxy
Disbanded 3058


Operation Revival[edit]

Nega Garrison Cluster was part of Epsilon Galaxy during the invasion of the Inner Sphere. It was composed entirely of Freeborn warriors. In November 3051 the Cluster along with the Green Keshik and the Dorbeng Cluster secured Laurent.[1] A month later in December the three units attacked and captured Hainfeld.[2]

The Cluster was considered troublemakers by their Galaxy Commander during the Invasion. They had been reprimanded three times for failing to obey orders. Four months prior to the Battle of Tukayyid the Cluster was slow to respond to the recall given by Star Colonel Evon. For this each warrior was given forty lashes of a neural whip. There were also reports of torture and executions for other infringements, causing the Cluster to have a very low moral and the highest desertion rate of any formation in the Clan. The cluster fought on Tukayyid and took moderate casualties, including Star Colonel Evon, who was wounded in action.[3]

After the Battle of Tukayyid the Cluster was assigned to Sigma Galaxy and given garrison positions split by its component Trinares. In 3054 the Command Binary and the Fourth Nova were stationed on Alphecca, the First Supernova was on The Rock, the Infantry Trinary was assigned to Sigurd, the Battle Trinary was on Oberon VI, and the Assault Trinary was garrisoning Butte Hold.[4]

The Refusal War[edit]

The Cluster survived the Refusal War and was temporarily assigned to Epsilon Galaxy in January 3058 as part of the sort lived Clan Jade Wolf.[5] When the Wolf Clan was reborn the cluster was disbanded to provide warriors for newly forming Clusters as Wolves reorganized their forces.[6]


Star Colonel Evon was was in command in 3052.[7] After the Refusal War Star Colonel Lisette was in command in January 3058.[5]


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Composition History[edit]


Nega Garrison Cluster

Naval Support

  • 5 Invader JumpShips - Excellence, Endeavor, Experience, Enterprise, Effort
  • 1 Union-C Command DropShip - Focus
  • 4 Union-C DropShips - Fallout, Facts of Life, Future, Fundamentals



Nega Garrison Cluster [4]

  • Command Binary
  • Assault Trinary
  • Battle Trinary
  • First Supernova
  • Infantry Trinary
  • Fourth Nova


Nega Garrison Cluster [5]

  • Command Star
  • Alpha Trinary - 15 BattleMechs: 2 Assault Stars and 1 Striker Star
  • Bravo Trinary - 15 BattleMechs: 2 Assault Stars and 1 Striker Star
  • Charlie Trinary - 5 BattleMechs and 75 Elementals: 1 Nova and 2 Elemental Stars
  • Delta Trinary - 30 Fighters

Naval Support

  • 5 Invader JumpShips
  • 5 Union-C DropShips



The Cluster is noted as supplying the garrison for Alphecca in 3054, given its position rimward of Tukayyid and outside any Clan occupation zone this is clearly a misprint in Objective Raids, page 32.


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