Nega Garrison (Clan Wolf)

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Nega Garrison Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3052)
Parent Formation Epsilon Galaxy (Clan Wolf)
Disbanded 3058


Operation Revival[edit]

In November 3051 the Cluster along with the Green Keshik and the Dorbeng Cluster secured Laurent.[1] Two months later in December the three units attacked and captured Hainfeld.[2]

The Refusal War[edit]

The Cluster was disbanded after the Refusal War in 3058 to provide warriors for newly forming Clusters as the reborn Wolf Clan reorganized its forces.


Star Colonel Lisette was in command in 3058 after the Refusal War.[citation needed]


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Composition History[edit]


Naval Support
  • 5 Invader JumpShips - Excellence, Endeavor, Experience, Enterprise, Effort
  • 1 Union-C Command DropShip - Focus
  • 4 Union-C DropShips - Fallout, Facts of Life, Future, Fundamentals



Nega Garrison Cluster[4]

  • Command Binary
  • Assault Trinary
  • Battle Trinary
  • First Supernova
  • Infantry Trinary
  • Fourth Nova


Nega Garrison Cluster[5]

  • Command Star
  • Alpha Trinary - 15 BattleMechs: 2 Assault Stars and 1 Striker Star
  • Bravo Trinary - 15 BattleMechs: 2 Assault Stars and 1 Striker Star
  • Charlie Trinary - 5 BattleMechs and 75 Elementals: 1 Nova and 2 Elemental Stars
  • Delta Trinary - 30 Fighters



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