Nero Wolfe

Nero Wolfe
Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Tramp


The Nero Wolfe was a Tramp-class JumpShip operated by the mercenary unit known as Dante's Detectives until at least late 3071. The Nero Wolfe was the only JumpShip operated by the Detectives following the founding of the unit in 3069, and was used in actions and raids by the Detectives such as the raid on Wyatt on the 25th of June 3069.[1]

The Nero Wolfe was an extensively modified vessel; a number of the cargo bays aboard the ship had been stripped out and replaced with a sophisticated intelligence-gathering capability involving extensive new computer storage systems, communications gear and passenger space used to accommodate the platoon of intelligence operatives who operated using the various upgrades. The significant level of capability offered by the Nero Wolfe was evident in the comparisons made by technicians from the Detectives, who compared the Nero Wolfe to vessels of the Bug-Eye WarShip class operated by the Star League.[1]

The capabilities offered by the Nero Wolfe were used extensively by Dante's Detectives, with the intelligence teams performing tasks such as monitoring communications in any systems in which the Detectives were operating, allowing the unit to ascertain what the situation was on the ground well ahead of any insertion. In addition to the intelligence-based capabilities offered, the Nero Wolfe also acted as the transport for the Detectives' single DropShip, the Union-class Archie Goodwin.[1]


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