Neural Whip


A Neural Whip is an insidious weapon based on similar principles to a Stunstick, in appearance looking like a fencing foil with a small metallic ball covering the point. While other stun weapons work to incapacitate a foe, the whip deliver shocks which produce excruciating pain and muscle spasms. When delivered onto unarmored skin, the first few hits can blur senses and make movement and speech difficult, while repeated blows will inflict permanent damage similar to a Neural Interrogation Computer. Though perhaps originally meant for non-lethal crowd control, it has since been adopted by torturers and unethical interrogators across the Inner Sphere. Though the Star League originally outlawed neural whips, only the Federated Suns, Lyran Alliance and Capellan Confederation still maintain this ban.[1]



Item: Neural Whip
Technology: High technology
Age of War/Early Star League: Unique
Succession Wars: Unique
Clan Invasion: Very rare
legality: Restricted
Armor piercing/base damage: OE/5D
Range: 1M
Shots: 2 PPS
Cost/reload: 500/*
Affiliation: DC
Mass: 300 G
Notes: Does not add STR damage.



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