New Valencia Agriculture Company

Formerly an independent company, the New Valencia Agriculture Company is the agricultural crop and farming division of Federated Suns based Melcher Food Corporation. [1] [2]

Company Profile[edit]

New Avalon Stock & Commodities Symbol: NVAg (circa 3025)[1]

Home Office: NeuStravros, New Valencia[1]

CEO Baron Mitchell Kochar (circa 3025)[1]


Long considered at the forefront of agricultural sciences in the Federated Suns, during the later days of the Third Succession War the New Valencia Agriculture Company was in deep financial and legal trouble after the discovery by New Valencia's Business Practices Department of gross illegalities in the company's corporate procedures. By 3025, New Valencia Agriculture's future looked dire with the planet's government weighing up seizing the company while the Federated Suns government privately considered bailing it out to try and head off the disruption in services such a planetary seizure would trigger. The Davion government's interest was also driven by the revelation the firm's research and development division was on the verge of perfecting a wheat-type grain that could grow in soil with high mineral and salt content.[1]

Ultimately the Federated Suns government chose to seize the assets of the New Valencia Agriculture Company itself, selling them to Melcher Food Corporation during its expansion period during the early 3030's. Melcher's ruthless business practices, aggressive clashes with New Valencia Agriculture's labor force as well as a number of long term contracts with the Davion government would help restore it to profitability.[2]


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