Nigel Holmgren

Nigel Holmgren
Affiliation INN news service


Nigel Holmgren (Born ???? - Died ????) was a journalist employed by the INN news service. During Operation SCOUR Holmgren covered the activities of the Free Worlds League front, and amongst other stories interviewed Khan Santin West of Clan Nova Cat, the deputy commander of the League front and field commander of Group III, on the 4th of March 3077 after the liberation of Wasat.[1] Holmgren also interviewed Commander Edith Byers of the Kalidasa resistance on the 18th of July 3077, the day after Kalidasa was officially liberated by Free Worlds League forces from Group III.[2]

On the 1st of August 3078 during the buildup to the attack on Terra several members of Stone's Lament were interviewed by Holmgren, with their interview transmitted across the Inner Sphere by INN. The three soldiers interviewed - Sergeant Kennon McDaniels, Bryce Ruggieri and Vijay Jagadamma - had been members of the Lament since Kittery and Scituate; also interviewed briefly was one of the newer members of the unit, General Andrew Redburn.[3] Holmgren also covered the broadcast made by Devlin Stone from the bridge of the LAS Invincible that initiated the invasion of the Sol system on the 17th of August.[4]



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