Nigel Polczyk


Nigel Polczyk (b. March 19th 2753[1] - ???) was, together with his twin brother Herve, the first Khan of Clan Burrock.

Early Life[edit]

A native of the Rim Worlds Republic, Nigel and his twin brother fought against Aleksandr Kerensky during both the Apollo campaign[1] and Operation Liberation[2], but became disillusioned with his leaders' politics and decided to join the Star League Defense Force. Following the war's end, Nigel and Herve chose to join Kerensky's Exodus from the Inner Sphere.

During the migration Nigel served aboard the vessel Michaels, writing to his brother of the declining morale and rising level of violence aboard the ship after the Prinz Eugen Mutiny.[3] When the fleet finally reached the Pentagon Worlds, Nigel joined the landing party on Eden and wrote to Herve of the first encounters with the creature that their future Clan would be named for.[4]

Nigel's hopes for a fresh start were dashed as old prejudices against Rim Worlders were revived, and so he chose to follow Nicholas Kerensky during the Second Exodus to Strana Mechty. The younger Kerensky cared more for Nigel's abilities and loyalty than for his past heritage, and Nigel worked to repay this trust in full.[1]

Khan of Clan Burrock[edit]

When the Clans were formed, Nigel and Herve's leadership skills and ability to work as a seamless whole led Kerensky to assign them as joint Khans of the newly-created Clan Burrock.[1] During Operation Klondike Nigel ably led his Clan during the campaign on Dagda, and while Kerensky ultimately decided that Clans Wolf and Jade Falcon would carry out the final operation on that world, Clan Burrock had nonetheless lived up to his expectations, the only one of the Clans initially assigned to Dagda which had done so.[5]


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