Nikola Demos

Nikola Demos is a trueborn Clan Wolf tank officer, who joined the Steel Wolves "Clan" when they formed in 3133.

Character History[edit]

She participated in the invasion of Achernar, initially as the executive officer of the expedition; later, when Star Colonel Torrent was killed by Raul Ortega, she was elevated to commander of the invasion force. There she met Anastasia Kerensky (then using the pseudonym "Tassa Kay") whom negotiated as The Republic representative for the Steel Wolves to leave Achernar. At the same time, this is where Nikola lost her new command to Anastasia without a Trial of Position needing to take place. [1].

By the time the Steel Wolves reached Galatea, she had achieved the rank of Star Colonel. When Kerensky broke with Clan traditions to go mercenary, Demos took her armor - infantry Cluster and formed her own mercenary unit named the Steel Wolves Corp.

She took a contract in November 3135 with the government of Laiaka to recapture the city of Yaleston which was being occupied by "pirates". There she joined forces with the local Laiaka planetary infantry militia and fought against the domed city.

During her time on Laiaka, Nikola learned more about the people of the Inner Sphere. Their Politics, intrigue and some people have more to them than they appear. Such as Captain Roost, in charge of infantry companies aiding in her contract to take Yaleston.

She led an attack on Yaleston's spaceport where she faced its 'Mech defenders. A bitter fight where one of the disgruntled MechWarriors fired on the city dome itself. This outraged Demos and she directed her forces to annihilate the offending MechWarrior and his 'Mech. The destruction of the dome caused many of its inhabitants be killed and left many more homeless.

After interviewing the survivors, Demos discovered that the pirates were actually mercenaries hired by the city to help with their rebellion. This was not in the contract she signed, though she fulfilled it regardless of the planetary governor trying to pin the blame on her. The contract complete and disgusted by the whole situation, her unit prepared to leave Laiaka. There she encounters by 1st & 2nd infantry companies of the Geir Regiment, Laiaka Planetary Militia. Led by Captain Roost, they asked to join her command. After her time working with the Laiaka infantry, she felt they were worthy to try out for her unit on their DropShip. The infantry unit itself which was resigned due to the disgusted by way government duped them and mercenaries into attacking their own people.


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