Nikolai Tesla

Nikolai Tesla
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Davion Block I


Launched between 2510 and 2512,[1] the Nikolai Tesla was presumably one of the Block I Davion-class destroyers to survive the Federated Suns Civil War[1] and the Reunification War, during which First Lord Ian Cameron leased twenty-two such WarShips[2] - all bar three of the Block I Davions in service at the time.[1] While nineteen of the leased ships reportedly survived the Reunification War and were modified to become the basis of the new Whirlwind-class of destroyers[2] and the remaining Federated Suns Davion-class destroyers - both Block I and Block II - were destroyed during the Succession Wars,[1] the Nikolai Tesla survived.

The Nikolai Tesla was operated by forces affiliated by the Bandit Caste or The Society in the Clan Homeworlds and played a part in the Wars of Reaving, although the Nikolai Tesla apparently wasn't one of the WarShips passed to the resurgent Clan Burrock when that dead Clan was ressurected during the war.[3]

Identified in 3072 as a modified Davion-class destroyer by a trade convoy from Clan Diamond Shark near the Deep Periphery recharge and cargo waystation known as Ctesiphon, the Nikolai Tesla was operating as part of a small armed fleet and was intimated to be involved in the loss of the convoy, which ceased broadcasting soon after, as well with the apparent destruction of the waystations at Ctesiphon and Attenbrooks as well as the colony at Suda Bay, all of which were lost in the space of just ten days.[4]

One of the last messages from the Diamond Shark trade convoy was that the Nikolai Tesla had apparently suffered critical damage from a strike by AeroSpace Fighters,[4] and an internal memo from Galaxy Commander William Gastopiv of the Clan Burrock Omega Galaxy in mid-March of the same year which was recovered by the other clans in 3075 indicated that the Nikolai Tesla had been lost to a misjump. Galaxy Commander Gastopiv referred to a need for more ships to be recovered from Clan caches in the Homeworlds to bolster the Burrock defenses and implied that the Nikolai Tesla had been involved in defending the major Lagrange points in the Tanis system.[5]


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