Nolan (species)

Creature information
Homeworld Engadine
Average mass 185 kg
Average height 3 meters
Creature stats
System A Time of War

This article is about the species. For the vehicle, see RML-447 Nolan.

The nolan is a four-armed, two-legged, three meter tall creature native to Engadine. Such creatures are highly vicious and are protected with a thick hide, which possesses chameleon-like abilities, allowing a nolan to blend into its surroundings. Each arm ends in a three-fingered hand equipped with sharp claws. A victim of the creature's bite will die in a few minutes if not treated. Nolans travel in packs of three to five animals and are most persistent in attacks - even when confronted with gunfire.[1] If left unchecked, nolans will attack villages and humans. Such behavior led to the formation of "The Rooting", a yearly hunt where humans track and kill nolans.[2]

The creatures are noted for their incredible speed, clawed hands and jaws. They are difficult to transport alive from their homeworld.[3]

Only one known Nolan has been ever transported off planet, which was seen on Adhafera, at an alleged, run-down "Canopian Pleasure Circus".

Fear Factor[edit]

If a character encounters a nolan directly, it can cause the character fear and panic. The character must make a TN saving roll of 10 (the Nolan's Charisma) minus that character's charisma, otherwise panic will linger for a number of turns equal to the initial distance between the encountered nolan and that character. The character is still able to move, but will be unable to return fire or fight back.[4]

Thick Hide[edit]

Due to the incredibly thick hide of the nolan, ballistic weapons do a flat 3 reduced damage. Energy weapons are not affected, however.[5]


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