Noritomo Helmer

Noritomo Helmer (b. 3104[1] - d. ????) is a trueborn warrior in Clan Jade Falcon.


During the Falcon desant of 3134, Noritomo was a Star Colonel in command of the 305th Assault Cluster[1], part of Malvina Hazen's Delta Galaxy.[2] After the fighting on Kimball, Noritomo assumed command of the 7th Falcon Striker Cluster.[3]

A great admirer of Aleksandr Hazen because of the shared belief that being successful in warfare and showing their skill on the battlefield is what shows the height of human achievement. That belief was shaken after the news of Aleksandr's death, but was nearly destroyed after Malvina began using tactics that were considered disgraceful to Falcon warriors.[1]

When the bulk of Jade Falcon forces left the Falcon's Reach, in 3135, to join Malvina Hazen in her attempt to take the reigns of the clan, Noritomo was promoted to Galaxy Commander and charged with the defense of the new Falcon holdings.[4][1]

By 3145 Helmer was in command of the elite 124th Striker Cluster as well as its parent Zeta Galaxy in the Falcon's Reach.[5] While within the Reach, Noritomo continues to follow the last order that he was given which was to hold the Reach.[1]


During the initial stage of the desant Noritomo piloted a Phoenix Hawk IIC BattleMech,[6] switching later to a Gyrfalcon.[7]


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