Norm McKenna

Norm McKenna
Affiliation Terran Alliance

Captain Norm McKenna was the Mission Commander/Astrogator of the historic TAS Pathfinder mission to Tau Ceti.


On December 5, 2108, navigated by Captain Norm McKenna Mission Commander/Astrogator, the TAS Pathfinder made its historic jump to Tau Ceti. It arrived within seconds of its jump and immediately started towards the fourth planet of the system. Excursion teams took vehicles down to the surface of the planet and because conditions were exceptionally good, named the planet New Earth. The scientists collected various samples of plant life, animals and other data and even found a probe from Magellan One still on the surface.

Captain McKenna is credited with naming the Tau Ceti IV New Earth from his December 5th log entry: "If it is habitable, we've got to call this planet "New Earth." Maybe it means our race is going to get a second chance. Oh, brave new world that looks so much like home!"

Four years later a scientific research outpost was established and just four short years after that, in 2116, the TAS Ark carried just under 500 colonists to create the Terran Alliance's first interstellar colony.