Victory Industries

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Victory Industries
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Marduk
Primary Products BattleMechs

Victory Industries, previously known as Norse BattleMech Works while in Federated Suns hands, is a Draconis Combine based BattleMech manufacturer. Located on the planet Marduk on the Davion - Kurita border, this important factory has been traded back and forth between both nations since the collapse of the Star League.



While Marduk was originally exploited for its rich agricultural resources, just prior to the creation of the original Star League a deposit of rare metals was discovered in the middle of the jungle. To take maximum advantage of this discovery, a huge complex of factories was built directly over the metals deposit. After the ore is mined, it is processed in a smelter system next to the factory, the finished product traveling less than a hundred meters before being turned into Griffin and Wolverine chassis. Other nearby factories make almost all the electronic and mechanical components necessary to build the 'Mechs, with only the tracking systems having to be imported from offworld. This complex of factories was built with such skill that it barely damaged the surrounding jungle, greatly benefitting defensive operations, with finished 'Mechs shipped off Marduk from the spaceport built nearby.[1]

Succession Wars Era[edit]

As the Norse BattleMech Works was one of the few nearly self-reliant 'Mech factories in the Inner Sphere, it was one of the initial targets of the First Succession War. The Federated Suns reaped the majority of the factory's output with AFFS troops fending off numerous raids, holding the planet almost uninterrupted until the DCMS succeeded in capturing Marduk during the Fourth Succession War. The prize of Combine's operations in that war, the facility came complete with plans and details for advanced lostech redesigns, with production stepped up to help refit the depleted ranks of the DCMS and provide material for other manufacturers in that nation.[1] [2] [2]

Duke James Sandoval's Draconis March forces briefly recaptured the planet during the War of 3039, [3] stripping the Norse factory before they were ejected, taking four years for the Combine to restore the plant to production. [4]

Clan War Era[edit]

By the Clan Invasion era the now renamed Victory Industries was somewhat overshadowed by the monolithic Luthien Armor Works, its primary claims to success being its streamlined production process and a highly refined technology staff. It was thanks to that technology staff that the company was able to solidify its position within the Combine military industrial complex when its team was among the few invited by the DCMS to reverse-engineer captured Clan OmniMechs in the early 3050s, ultimately leading to lucrative subcontracts producing LAW's Firestarter, Black Hawk-KU and Avatar OmniMechs in the early 3060s.[5]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

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Victory Industries would make Marduk a priority targeted of Duke James Sandoval unauthorized invasion of the Draconis Combine in the midst of the FedCom Civil War, Sandoval sending the green First Chisholm's Raiders to take the important BattleMech manufacturing word from the equally green Twenty-second Benjamin Regulars. [6]

Landing on the planet on the 22nd of December 3062, the Raiders initial plan on striking the capital of New Pontiac was set aside when they realized that while the 22nd Benjamin defended the whole world, the sole defenders in proximity to the Victory Industries BattleMech plant was the company's own security forces, a combined arms regiment with a battalion of OmniMechs. While taking heavy losses, the Raiders secured tenuous control over sections of the Victory plant before the 22nd Benjamin Regulars finally learned of the attack. [6]

With the 22nd striking out from New Pontiac, over 120 kms from Victory plant, the 1st Chisholm's CO General Neece had sent the 23rd Breed Recon Regiment to delay them. The dense Tillerbee Jungle allowed the 23rd to stage ambush after ambush, preventing the 22nd Benjamin from reaching the Victory complex before the Raiders finished securing it on December 26th. While the Raiders spent the next eight days recuperating and re-equipping from weapons and 'Mechs stockpiled at the factory, the 22nd had pushed within 20km of the Victory factories before the Davion forces moved to counterattack. [6]

The Jihad[edit]

Manufacturing on this important industrial world was largely unaffected by the Word of Blake Jihad.[7] With the devastation inflicted on Luthien Armor Works Victory Industries was one of the companies responsible for compensating for the loss in production thanks to the OmniMech manufacturing lines established in the 3060s.[8]

However, after centuries of heavy industrial activity geological reports indicating massive metal ore depletion in the Tillerbee Jungle region attracted concern from the Combine central government. While geologists reported that the deposit should be sufficient to continue supporting production at the same level for several more decades, local manufacturers such as Victory were beginning to call for additional resources to support future production efforts, possibly threatening the self-sufficiency that made Marduk such an important industrial world in the first place.[7]


Victory Industries has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Marduk:[9][10][11][12]
Component Type
GRF-1DS Griffin[9] Medium BattleMech
GRF-5K Griffin[10][13] Medium BattleMech
GRF-6S Griffin[10] Medium BattleMech
WVR-7K Wolverine[9] Medium BattleMech
WVR-8K Wolverine[11] Medium BattleMech
WVR-8C Wolverine[11] Medium BattleMech
OR-2I Orochi[12] Assault BattleMech
FS9-O Firestarter[13] Medium OmniMech
AV1-O Avatar[13] Heavy OmniMech
BHKU-O Black Hawk-KU[13] Heavy OmniMech
Alshain Class 98c Orochi[12]
Earthwerk GRF Endo Steel Griffin[9][10]
Crucis-A Wolverine[9][11]
Fusion Engine - XL
Defiance 275 XL Griffin-6S[10]
Hermes 360 XL Orochi[12]
Nissan 275 XL Wolverine 8K[11]
Jump Jets
Northrup 12000 Wolverine 8K[11]
Norse Industries 3S Valkyrie[9]
Norse Industries 7S Shipped to Quentin for Marauder[9]
Rawlings 55 Griffin-6S[10]
Armor - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Starshield Shipped to Luthien for Quickdraw[9]
Starshield A Wolverine 8K[11] & Orochi[12]/Shipped to Luthien for Quickdraw[9]
Starshield Light [citation needed]
Armor - FF - BattleMechs & Vehicles
Starshield Ferro-Fibrous [citation needed]
Starshield Quickdraw[9]
Starshield A Griffin[9][11]
Communications System
Garret T11-b Wolverine 8K[11]
Neil 6000 Phoenix Hawk[9] & Griffin[10]
Sipher CommSys 4b Orochi[12]
Targeting-Tracking System
Cat's Eyes 5 Wolverine 8K[11]
Matabushi Sentinel Orochi[12]
RCA Instatrac Mark X Griffin-6S[10]
Lords Light Wolverine 8K[11]
Small Laser
ChrisComp 32 [citation needed]
Small Pulse Laser
Victory Throb Wolverine[9]
ER Small Laser
Victory 12E Orochi[12]
Medium Laser
Victory 23R Shipped to Luthien for Jenner, Wolf Trap, Grand Dragon and to Proserpina for Manticore[9]
ER Medium Laser
Diverse Optics Wolverine 8K
Medium Pulse Laser
Victory Heartbeat Wolverine 8K[11]/Shipped to Luthien for Charger, to Al Na'ir for Atlas and to Quentin for JagerMech, Marauder, Victor & Atlas[9]
Large Pulse Laser
Victory Drumbeat Shipped to Quentin for Marauder[9]
ER Large Laser
Victory Nickel Alloy Shipped to Al Na'ir for Atlas and to Quentin for Atlas & Marauder[9]
Thunderbolt 20
Telos ThunderShot Orochi[12]
Telos DecaCluster Shipped to Luthien for Grand Dragon[9]
Telos ScoreShot Griffin[9]
Telos-4 Shipped to Tok Do for Panther, to Quentin for Victor, to Luthien for Jenner & Quickdraw and to Proserpina for Bulldog[9]
Streak SRM-4
Telos TargetLok-4 Orochi[12]
Guided Technologies 2nd Gen Wolverine 8K[11]
Telos-6 Wolverine[9]


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