O'Keefre Importers-Exporters

O'Keefre Importers-Exporters is a import-export firm primarily located within the Federated Suns.[1] [2]

Company Profile[edit]

New Avalon Stock & Commodities Symbol: OkIE (circa 3025 [1], no longer traded circa 3067)[2]

Home Office: Drearson City, Fomalhaut [1] [2]

Leader Ship[edit]

The company's CEO in 3025 was Baroness Nicia O'Keefre [1], in 3067 the position was held by Baron Zigin O'Keefre. [2]


One of the largest companies in human space during the days of the Star League, O'Keefre Importers-Exporters controlled a sizable portion of flow of public goods between all the powers of the Inner Sphere and the Periphery. However, with the fall of the Star League and the resulting Succession Wars, many of the company's DropShips and JumpShips of the company were confiscated for military use by whatever government they happened to be travelling through at the time. Combined with heavy fighting on Fomalhaut, where the company's headquarters were located, O'Keefre nearly lost all of its assets, the struggling firm was able to survive on a vastly smaller scale within the Federated Suns.

With the ending of the Third Succession War and the budding alliance between the Lyran Commonwealth and the Federated Suns, O'Keefre was in a key position to profit from the growth in trade between the two nations. [1] These hopes were dashed when the Draconis Combine retook Fomalhaut during the War of 3039, with facilities on now both sides of the Combine-FedSun border the companies fortunes reversed from the constant problems of having deal with two different and often conflicting sets of government regulations. The increasing détente between the Combine and Federated Suns in the wake of the Clan Invasion renewed the company's hopes for expansion, but the tensions in the wake of the FedCom Civil War shattered them anew. [2]


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