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Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Thera


The Thera-class carrier Santorini was under construction in 3059 and was due to enter service with the Free Worlds League black water navy in 3060, becoming the first-of-class vessel of her class. Also under construction at the time were a pair of Eagle-class frigates intended to serve as escorts for the Santorini, the FWLS Galahad and FWLS Lancelot.[1]

All three ships were still serving together in 3067.[2] As the Free Worlds League disintegrated during the Jihad the ODS Santorini and her associated battle group were the center of the defense of Oriente within the Duchy of Oriente when it was invaded by Regulan forces in April 3071. The battle group pushed the Regulans out of the Oriente system and managed to capture the Zechetinu-class corvette RPS Attica during the engagement.[3][4][5]

On the 12th of March 3079 a raid conducted by Word of Blake forces specifically targeted the Santorini using the recently captured Zechetinu-class FWLS Acari as a Trojan Horse; the raid left the Santorini with a crippled drive, severely limiting her mobility.[6] The Blakists destroyed or crippled more than half of the Duchy of Oriente WarShip fleet as well as the recently constructed naval docks.[7]


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