Ogima was thought to be the name of an otherwise unidentified enigmatic man who turned up in an emergency care ward at an unspecified time and place around 3068. Remarkably, he claimed to come from the lost world of Jardine.

Found and Lost[edit]

According to the short story Found and Lost, one Dr. Rascombe met a very unusual patient registered by the name of Ogima at the onset of the Jihad. Ogima was very upset, manacled to the gurney despite extremely heavy tranquilizer dosage and yelling unintelligible words most of the time. Dr. Rascombe briefly got to talk to him when he appeared to be somewhat sane, and Ogima claimed to be from Jardine. When a disbelieving Dr. Rascombe observed that "No one is from Jardine", Ogima said "I am" and also that he was on the run.

At that point, three menacing men in black clothing entered the room and took the gurney to which Ogima was strapped with them, ignoring Dr. Rascombe's protest and subtly threatening him.

A month later, Dr. Rascombe had a brief encounter with Ogima on a park bench. Ogima apologized for involving him, made mysterious and gloomy predictions about the future, then left, never to be seen again.

Ogima Lunalla[edit]

Part VII (Chapter Three of Book Two) of the Forgotten Worlds serial features undated musings by one "Administrator Ogima Lunalla, City of Hope", who may or may not be the same Ogima featured in "Found and Lost". Dated approximately 3067 from the context, they refer to things he saw and heard over the last few years, the coming of The Master (to Jardine) and how Ogima has come to doubt his beliefs in the benevolence of the ComStar "Guardians".

Hope is thought to have been the only city on Jardine.
Since Ogima is a native american word for "Chief" it could be a honorific for the administrator as much as a name in this context.


  • In the artwork going with the short story Found and Lost, a clipboard on Ogima's gurney (presumably his file) bears the misspelled name "Ogami".
  • In the official BattleChat on 21 January 2012, Herbert A. Beas II confirmed that Ogima from Found and Lost is the same person as Administrator Ogima Lunalla featured in Forgotten Worlds. His statement on the BattleChat is considered canonical.