Olympus (Individual Liberty-class JumpShip)

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Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Liberty (prototype)


The Olympus was notable for being the first JumpShip created to make use of a Docking Collar, proving the technology and revolutionising interstellar transportation.[1]

The technology to mate a DropShip externally to a JumpShip was something that Blue Nose Interstellar Technologies of Mars had developed in collaboration with the Department of Theoretical Physics at Mars University and a number of independent aerospace manufacturing companies. The Olympus was the first JumpShip to have the resilient, thin shape that all modern JumpShips would adopt, and was constructed specifically to demonstrate the new technology; in 2458 the Olympus—designated the BNS Olympus—entered history when she successfully executed a jump safely with the DropShip DCS Nimbus III docked externally.[1] (Note: "DCS" in this context apparently stands for Deimos Clipperships Ship, not for a Draconis Combine Ship.)

It was in 2469 that the first twelve Liberty-class JumpShips based upon the Olympus were sold to the Terran Hegemony, and a month later Blue Nose Interstellar Technologies had an order book filled with enough production orders to fill the next ten years, as well as contracts with eighteen different spaceship manufacturers—seven JumpShip producers and eleven DropShip manufacturers—supply docking collars and K-F booms to enable them to design and manufacture their own modern vessels. Blue Nose then used the profits from those pre-orders to merge with six partner companies, forming Blue Nose Clipperships, and to construct the second-largest shipyard in the Terran system, located above Mars.[1]


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