Omar Shervanis

Omar Shervanis
Affiliation House Shervanis
Caliph of Shervanis Caliphate

Caliph Omar Shervanis was the fifth generation descendant of the leader of the decimated Crimson Reapers mercenary company. Shervanis was greedy and sadistic, but also a shrewd statesman. Shervanis rose to power over the capital of Astrokaszy, Shervanis City, in 2992 when he murdered his father.[1]

Character History[edit]

Early Life[edit]

Shervanis's passion was conquest, just like many of the other caliphs and pashas of Astrokaszy. Captives taken by Shervanis's soldiers were often forced to participate in bloodsports as public spectacles. Shervanis's power base on Astrokaszy was guaranteed - Shervanis inherited the remnants of the Crimson Reapers' BattleMechs, two Clints and a Warhammer.[1]

Upon "inheriting" Shervanis City, Shervanis encouraged off-world contact, and permitted ComStar to establish an HPG within his domains. Shervanis also sought improved ties with the Free Worlds League, with the intent of trading precious stones for war materiel and soldiers. There is also speculation that these steps may be the first in the rise of an interstellar tyrant.[1]

Perhaps as an attempt to stabilize Astrokaszy and secure his own domain, Shervanis and ComStar were also the driving forces behind forming a unified, federal government, which he achieved in 3001, despite the warmongering of his rivals.[1]

The whereabouts of Omar Shervanis after the Marian invasion of 3025 are unknown.

Positions and Titles[edit]

Preceded by
Caliph of Shervanis Caliphate

Succeeded by
Malachye Shervanis


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