Omicron Galaxy (Clan Coyote)

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Omicron Gralaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3061)
Nickname Ancient Coyotes
Parent Formation Clan Coyote Touman
Formed Early 2900s


Clan Coyote[edit]

Raised in the early thirtieth century as a follow up to the successful Nu and Xi Galaxies.[1]

In 2910, the Galaxy was assigned to garrison the planet Albion. A couple years later, Galaxy Commander David Christofferson of Omicron successfully challenged the Twenty-fifth Jaguar Dragoons for control of the Clan Smoke Jaguar enclave on-planet in the aftermath of the Londerholm Revolt, an event that had driven the lower castes of several other Smoke Jaguar held worlds to revolt against their rule.[1]

The reorganization of the Coyote Touman left Omicron substantially unchanged except in terms of personnel. The problem-cases were transferred to Rho Galaxy, and replaced with the best members of the disbanded Pi Galaxy.[1]

In 3061 Omicron was assigned to garrison Coyote holdings on Babylon and Delios.[1]

Desperate for warriors in 3070, Clan Wolf turned to their long time allies Clan Coyote for assistance. After hard negotiations Omicron Galaxy was traded along with five Stars of merchant transports for the Wolf holdings in Clan space.[2]



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Composition History[edit]

3061[1] to 3067[3][edit]



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