Omicron Provisional Galaxy (Clan Star Adder)

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Omicron Provisional Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Nickname None
Parent Formation Clan Star Adder Touman
Formed Late 2900s


Formed shortly after Xi Provisional Galaxy.[1]

Burrock Absorption and After[edit]

Omicron lost two Clusters to other Galaxies participating in the Absorption, leaving its forces stretched thin across the two worlds it defended - Marshall and Tathis.[1]

Clan Coyote took advantage of this weakness to attack Tathis, nearly overrunning the defenders until reinforcements from Delta Galaxy arrived to reinforce Omicron.[1]

Omicron rebuilt by taking in former Clan Burrock warriors.[1]


As of 3059 the commanding officer was Galaxy Commander Gerrell LeFabre.[1] In 3067 the unit is commanded by Galaxy Commander Tor Catis.[2] Galaxy Commander Brock Gena received command in 3085.[3]


Omicron favors hit-and-run tactics.[1]

Composition History[edit]



  • 271st Adder Sentinels[2]
  • 312th Adder Sentinels[2]
  • 460th Adder Sentinels[2]
  • 983rd Adder Sentinels[2]
  • 1008th Adder Sentinels[2]


  • 271st Adder Sentinels[3]
  • 312th Adder Sentinels[3]
  • 460th Adder Sentinels[3]

Former Units[edit]



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