OmniMech-Pod Cache (CCG - MechWarrior)

Rarity: Uncommon

OmniMech-Pod Cache
3+3A+3L OmniMech-Pod Cache CCG MechWarrior.jpg
Command - None
{T}: Choose and scrap an Omni 'Mech you control. Search your

Stockpile for any configuration of that 'Mech and put it into play in your Patrol region. For each point by which the base construction cost of the new configuration exceeds that of the old, pay {R} or scrap one card from your Stockpile. Use this ability only during your Deploy phase. (For example, you may scrap a Puma A to put a Puma Prime into play.)

The beauty of the OmniMech is that the interchangeable pods give you an almost infinite variety of weapons and equipment on a single chassis.
3 / 3 Illus: Thomas Milliorn
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