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A One-Shot weapon is a missile launcher that has only one shot to fire. All short-, long-, Multi-Missile Launchers, and Torpedos can be modified in this way. Rather than being linked to one or more one-ton ammunition bins, a one-shot weapon weighs an extra half-ton to represent the round inside it. The One-Shot missile system was introduced in 2676 by the Terran Hegemony. It served to provide a little bit more firepower when space and mass were at a premium. The advantage is that the single salvo of the One-Shot launcher can inflict some more damage that an opponent may not expect, and the lack of ammunition prevents damage from an ammunition explosion. The downside is that the One-Shot missile launcher's damage usually isn't significant. The limited ammunition and high weight penalty of the weapon led to it falling out of service around 2800.[1]

A One-Shot missile system can use Artemis IV or be equipped with Narc capable munitions.[2] One-Shot Streak missile systems and One-Shot Narc systems are also possible.[1]

Despite their re-introduction in 3030 by the Free Worlds League, One-shot missile systems are rare, and becoming rarer with the propagation of the 'Mech-sized Rocket Launcher.[1]

One-Shot missile launchers can be mounted on nearly any unit type, including battle armor.[3]

The Improved One Shot missile system is derived from the One-Shot missile system.[4]


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