Operation: Rat

Wave 1[edit]

* addition to its territorial aims,
* crippling the Capellan command structure and
* destroying its most powerful units


Attackers:4th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT + 4th Davion Guards RCT + Redfield Renegades
Defender:Warrior House Ijori 'Mech + regiment and 16 regiments of armor and infantry
Outcome:During the First Wave the unit invaded Liao in support of all 3 Blue Star Irregulars regiments. Their opposing force consits of veteran CCAF units which includes Warrior House Lu Sann's , 1st Confederation Reserve Cavalry, Vincent's Commandos and the Protectorate Guard.
The 1st Blue Star Irregulars regiment defeated Vincent's Commandos after a short battle.
The 33rd Avalon Hussars forced the 1st Confederation Reserve Cavalry to retreat in face of such a opponent.
The 3rd Blue Star Irregulars regiment was attacked after probing raids from the Reserve Cavalry. The merc unit followed them into a ambush through the Protectorate Guard.
The 2nd Blue Star Irregulars regiment destroyed the 1st Battalion of Warrior House Lu Sann after a fierce fight.
The Avalon Hussars tried to close the gab around the CCAF forces but were hindered by the Reserve Cavalry. The special forces of the elite Warrior House used the Chaos to a raid behind the lines of the AFFS forces. Only the reinforcement through the Redfield Renegades changed the tide of battle to the FedSun side. The mercs entered the forbidden city. These event was the signal to all remaining Liao forces to retreat. Only one Battlion each from the Warrior House and the Reserve Cavalry together with the Protectorate Guard could left the planet.



Attackers:33rd Avalon Hussars RCT + Blue Star Irregulars (3 regiments) + Redfield Renegades (later)
Defender:Warrior House Lu Sann's (2 b) + 1st Confederation Reserve Cavalry+ Vincent's Commandos (2 b) + Protectorate Guard



Attackers:3rd Davion Guards RCT + Eridani Light Horse (White Horse Regiment)
Defender:1st Ariana Fusiliers
Outcome:The aerospace fighter of the Guards make short work with the defending Liao machines. After rearmed for ground support 2 airports were destroyed with all equipment located their. The 2nd battlion of the Fusiliers was destroyed, because they tried to assault the ELH from the back on a spaceport. The 3rd Davion Guards catched the 1st battlion of the Fusiliers near a city and slauthered them with out mercy. The remaing battalion of the CCAF forces retreated of world.


New Hessen[edit]

Attackers:1st New Ivaarsen Chasseurs + 2nd New Ivaarsen Chasseurs
Defender:1st New Hessen Irregulars + 2nd New Hessen Irregulars
Outcome:The 1st Irregulars get pinned in place by the larger air force of the invaders until the mechs of the 1st Chasseurs came to destroy the unit. The 2nd Irregulars chose to fight in the planetary capital against the 2nd Chasseurs. The Davion forces were train in urban combat and let the defenders no change. Only one battalion survived with some conventional forces, which left the planet to the invaders.



Attackers:two mercenary 'Mech regiments of the Screaming Eagles
Defender:Third Battalion of McCrimmon's Light Cavalry
Outcome:The fighters of the mercs surprised most of the battalion in the open, but it take a 3 long siege of an ancient SDLF base until the Eagles gained their victory. 1 Company get destroyed when the tried to leave the base unnoticed, but were surprised. The remaining company surrender to the invaders.



Attackers:Gamma + Delta Regiments of Twelfth Vegan Rangers
Defender:six regiments of lightly armed militia
Outcome: This two regiments had no difficulties to force the militia to surrender. The spanish minority put their support behind the invaders and installed a interim government.


St. Andre[edit]

Attackers:Davion Light Guards RCT + Alpha + Beta Regiments Twelfth Vegan Rangers.
Defender:Justinia's Cuirassiers + Cochraine's Goliaths + 1st Battalion of the Blackwind Lancers
Outcome:The landing happen without a fight. The Beta Regiments of the Rangers need support from the Alpha Regiment in the fight against the Blackwind Lancers. This situation was idle for the elite Cuirassiers, which took the battles to the Rangers. The battered mercs get reinforced through the Guards and the Beta Regiment. The fight was short. After losing much of her equipment the CO surrender. The Lancers tried to use the chaos but find the base camp guarded by the Light Guards. The Lancers surrender, after facing such odds. The Guards secured the HQ of the CCAF forces and used false radio transmission to lure the remaining unit, Cochraine's Goliaths, into a trap. The fight was brutal. Both sides were equal, only the tough fight of the Delta Company saved the day. All CCAF forces get destroyed or surrender to the invaders.



Attackers:1st Davion Guards RCT
Defender:poorly armed planetary militia
Outcome:The fight of the militia was fierce, but the could not hope to gain victory against such odds.



Attackers:20th Avalon Hussars RCT + Davion Heavy Guards RCT
Defender:3rd Battalion of the 4th Confederation Reserve Cavalry + Warrior House Fujita
Outcome:With the support of the MIIO, the defenders lost most of their effective space defense. The remaining fighters had no chance against the Davion forces. The Hussars set a trap for the Cavalry. After two attempts to break the circles of invaders the unit surrendered. THe elite infantry of the Warrior House were slaughter through the Heavy Guards. The retreating capellan forces got on to a waiting Dropship which get sabotaged by the MIIO. The loses was horrendous among the CCAF. The Tao Mechwork (3rd largest Mech Manufacturer at this time) get secured without damage.


Wave 2[edit]

The second wave focused on Tikonov for four reasons :
1. it was the capital of the Tikonov Commonality
2. it was a vital economic center of the Confederation
3. it was a heavily fortified world that could harbor many 'Mech regiments for counterattacks
4. it was the base for Colonel Pavel Ridzik, commander and driving force of the


Attackers:All eight Crucis Lancers RCT
Defender:large militia, about 80 regiments
Deep-Space Interdiction Forces (The Night Riders)
MacGregor's Armored Scouts (1 b)
4th Tau Ceti Rangers (1 b)
Hamilton's Highlanders (1b)
2nd Ariana Fusiliers
Ariana Grenadiers (1b)
1st Chesterton Voltigeurs
2nd Chesterton Voltigeurs
3rd Chesterton Voltigeurs
Before the task force could land, they faced the The Night Riders (consists of a Vengeance Carrier, 2 Union CV Dropships + 70 fighters). The defenders get defeated by the invaders and all Dropship meet their Dropzones.
The 7th Crucis Lancers fought against the MacGregor's Armored Scouts Battle Group (1 Mech battalion + 3 armor regiments + 3 infantry regiments [2 regular, 1 mechanized]). The battle was fierce. The defenders meet the invaders outside the city wall but were surprise by a flanking attack of conventional forces from the Davions. The First Battalion of the Scouts get destroyed by the failed attack against the HQ company of the Lancers. The remaining CCAF forces surrender.
The 8th Crucis Lancers faced the 4th Tau Ceti Rangers Battle Group (1 Mech battalion + 11 conventional regiments) defended Kazan. After several day of brutal fights the Rangers ignored the order to fight to the last men from Colonel Radzik. They retreat from the planet in their own dropships. All resistance collapsed without the mech support.
Two Lancers units: the 6th Crucis Lancers + 8th Crucis Lancers has the task to secure the planet capital. The defenders were the 1st Battalion of the Hamilton's Highlanders + the HQ Company of Stapleton's Iron Hand and supporting units. The siege began with an intense bombardment. The artillery created several breaches in the wall which the attackers used, but they were suprised by some minefields. After a short break the fighting continued. They AFFS forces tried to increase their beachhead but they feared they overall commander destroy all military industry. Both units put more forces into the city. Unknown to the Lancers their sister regiment, the 7th Crucis Lancers make a combat drop on the industrial sector, where they meet the Colonel himself with the Highlanders. The three units surrounded the capellans. The 7th destroyed theHighlanders, but the Colonel and his company could get their waiting Dropship and meet a Scout class Jumpship at a pirate point.
The 1st Crucis Lancers fight against the 2nd Ariana Fusiliers Battle Group at Karaganda, a city. The Fusiliers could not wait until the right moment and attack the Davions. Loses on both sides were high but the Davion reached the city, where they break the neck of the defending unit. After losing 1 battalion the remaining Fusiliers retreat from the planet.
The 2nd Crucis Lancers secured the city Gizhiga. The fight with the Ariana Grenadiers was fierce, but the Lancers saved they day. The remaining Grenadiers surrender after two weeks.
The 3rd Crucis Lancers meet heavy resistance through the defending 1st Chesterton Voltigeurs Battle Group at New Moscow. The Voltigeurs get shattered in a fierce battle. Few could retreat off world.
The 4th Crucis Lancers fight against the 2nd Chesterton Voltigeurs Battle Group in dense jungle at Ulan. 2 Battalions get destroyed during the 3 week-long fighting. Only the 1st battalion of the 2nd Chesterton Voltigeurs could retreat.
The 5th Crucis Lancers has the mission to secure Tselinagrad. In their way stand the 3rd Chesterton Voltigeurs Battle Group. The tanks of the Davion crushed the defenders with easy.
To complete the invasion needed more forces and time, but all major goal has reached.



Attackers:1st Davion Guards RCT
Outcome:The Guards crushed the defending forces with easy.



Attackers:33rd Avalon Hussars
Blue Star Irregulars
Outcome:The operation was for all invaders like a vacation.


Gan Singh[edit]

Attackers:Screaming Eagles mercenary regiments
assisted by Fourth Garrison Force (six regiments of Davion occupation troops)
Outcome:The mercs had no problems to secure the planet for the AFFS. The militia had no change.



Attackers:Gamma and Delta Regiments of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers
+ First Garrison Forces
Outcome:The mercenaries defeated the militia after a fierce battle.



Attackers:1st Aragon Borderers
reinforced by Delta Company of the Davion Light Guards 'Mech regiment
Defender:Freemont's Cuirassiers (1b)
Outcome:The Borderers have it difficulties to fight the heavy machines of the defenders, only the support Delta Company changed the tide of the battle for the invaders.



Attackers: 4th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT
Defender:First Battalion of Trimaldi's Secutors
Outcome:Only 1 Company survived the fight with an entire RCT and could retreat off world.



Attackers:3rd Davion Guards RCT
Defender:First Battalion of McCrimmon's Light Cavalry
Marion's Highlanders
Outcome:The Cavalry were no opponent for the elite Guards, only the Highlanders were equal in size and experience. The fight came to a standstill and a truce get negotiated.



Attackers:1st New Ivaarsen Chasseurs
Defender:Second Battalion of the Hamilton's Highlanders
Second Battalion of MacGregor's Armored Scouts
Outcome: The triumph of the crushing defeat of the 2 CCAF battalions get overshadowed, because a squad of the Death Commandos nearly killed the CO of the Chasseurs.


Wave 3[edit]


Attackers:7th Crucis Lancers RCT
Outcome:The Lancers crushed the militia with easy.



Attackers:1st Crucis Lancers RCT
Outcome:The Lancers make short work with the defenders.



Attackers:Delta Regiment of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers
Outcome:After several days the mercenaries accept the surrender of the militia.



Attackers:1st New Ivaarsen Chasseurs
Outcome:That world get secured through the seasoned soldiers.



Attackers:two heavy battalions of Miller's Marauders,
plus the twelve regiments of the Addicks March Militia
Defender:First Battalion of Kerr's Intruders
Outcome:After the rivalry of the two officers from the invading force get settled, the invasion became a success. The defending Intruders surrender.



Attackers:4th Crucis Lancers
Defender:Third Battalion of Lothar's Fusiliers
Outcome:Bad circumstances by the invaders delayed the invasion, but in the end only one company could retreat off world.



Attackers:3rd Davion Guards RCT
Defender:Second Battalion of McCrimmon's Light Cavalry
Outcome:The landing happen unopposed. The defenders thought the invaders were afraid and begin with an assault. The Davions had other thoughts, beat the capellans and secured the planet. One company could survive and retreat off world.


New Canton[edit]

Attackers:Screaming Eagles
+ ten garrison regiments
Defender:First Battalion of the 4th Confederation Reserve Cavalry
Third Battalion of Trimaldi's Secutors
Outcome:The task force formed two equal Battle Groups. The 1st Regiment sought after the Battalion of the Cavarly. The Capellans retreat in the forest, but where they get surprised by the invader. The defenders get pinned at the river side. The CO of the eagles begin to slaughter the soldiers down, after they had surrender. The arriving AFFS forces forced the CO to put all weapons down for an investigation.
:The 2nd Regiment tried to catch the Battalion of the Secutors. 2 attached infantry regiments make an air assault in front of the retreating Capellans. The fight cost the invaders 4 battalions, but the arrival of the 2nd Regiment secured the victory for the Davion forces.



Attackers:33rd Avalon Hussars RCT
two regiments of the Blue Star Irregulars
Defender:First Regiment of McCarron's Armored Cavalry
Outcome:TThe invaders had an open bill to paid through the mercenaries. The Hussars get surprised by a rear attack from the Cavalry and make the life difficult for them. Because the supporting air wing get destroyed by the Davion fighters, the invading forces had now the air superiority. The 1st Mac meet the Avalon in close fight and get shattered by the 2 Blue Star Irregular regiments. Only one battalion survived and could retreat back to capellan space.



Attackers:4th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT
Defender:Third Battalion of Justine's Grenadiers
Outcome:The harsh environment worked for the defenders. Blizzards and bad weather hindered the Cavalry to catch the Grenadiers. Only bad luck secured the victory for the 4th Deneb, because the techs filled the cooling system with the wrong lubricant, which slowed the machines.



Attackers:2nd Crucis Lancers + 3rd Crucis Lancers
Defender:Warrior House Hiritsu 'Mech regiment
Second Battalion of Kerr's Intruders
Laurel's Legion, a battalion
Outcome:The Intruders get surprised and crushed by the 2nd Crucis Lancers in a jungle fight. The 3rd Crucis Lancers could only make a slow progress because of the successful the mobile defense of the Warrior Hose and the elite Infantry. Both RCT's tried a final assault with no result. The chaos get used by the joint CCAF forces of the Warrior house and Laurel's Legion. The fight went fierce. The overall commander of the CCAF ordered an entire retreat. The Legion had no other choice but to leave a company behind. That sacrifice allowed the remaining House battalion to retreat off world.



Attackers:5th Crucis Lancers and 6th Crucis Lancers
Defender:2nd Kearny Highlanders
Second Battalion of Freemont's Cuirassiers
Outcome:6th Crucis Lancers captured the supplies of the Highlander and with them the family. The Highlander began with a counterattack to free their members but without success. Both sides separated from each other to reorganize. Negotiation were underway. All Highlanders unit changed sides in exchange for the planet Northwind. The Cuirassiers tried a surprise assault. That attempt get uncovered and the Lancers destroyed the Capellans when they try to retreat.


Wave 4[edit]

Fourth Wave focus on isolated Capellan worlds near Terra and the eventual linking of the Federated Suns and the Lyran Commonwealth


Attackers:Screaming Eagles both regiments
Defender:Menkalinan Militia + 1st Free Worlds Guards (2nd Bn)
Outcome:The mercenaries received not enough supplies for their behavior on New Canton. The moral were low and the soldiers discussed about the possibility to join another realm with better handling for their hired guns. Only hard negotiations between the Eagles and the AFFS deliver results. The command receive their supplies and for this would conquer Menkalinan. The Capellans like the Mariks had the equal influence of the planetary government. On both sides the militia hast a strength of 20 conventional regiments. On the surface of the planet occurred sometimes border clashes, with no significant changes. The FWLM secretly deployed 3 companies of the 1st Free World Guards landed on the planet to conquer it once and for all. During the march to the capital the Davion mercs landed and give the Guards a show of force. The mercs fight the capellan militia. The Guards received the order to help the beleaguered CCAF units. The Mariks make a rear area assault and seed chaos. The eagles fall back to regroup. The superior numbers secured the victory. The Guards received orders to leave the planet and without the support of their allies the militia had no change to survive.


Tall Trees[edit]

Attackers:4th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT
Defender:Thirty regiments (most of them infantry)
Outcome:The landing went without an attempt of three defending regiments to repel the invaders. The Capellans get pushed by side with only few casualties. The Cavalry get the order to secure the secret research facilities on the planet. The large population was another obstacle during the invasion. The resistance movement create chaos when ever possible (blow bridge up, sniper attacks and so on). 10 militia regiments make a desperate attempt to stop the invaders but the Davions crushed them during the fights. The Cavalry find the facility in ruins and the bodies of Death Commandos. The troops which secured on the side died through an unknown virus. The assigned Hazmat Team isolate all ill soldiers for further studies.



Attackers:Gamma + Delta Regiments Twelfth Vegan Rangers
Outcome:The experienced invaders bushed the defenders by side with easy. The mercenaries secured in this progress a cache withe spare parts for space vessels.



Attackers:7th Crucis Lancers RCT
Outcome:The Lancers broke all resistance with the capturing of the political and industrial hearts of the planets.


Foot Fall[edit]

Attackers:5th Crucis Lancers + 6th Crucis Lancers RCTs
Outcome:The High Command assigned two commands to the invasion force. They believed the invading forces would meet Warrior house units. But with the landing the situation showed that there was no defending mechforce. The Lancers secured the planetary capital after 1 day of battle.



Attackers:33rd Avalon Hussars
Outcome:The invading Hussars had no difficulties in securing this breadbasket for the Federated Suns.



Attackers:1st Crucis Lancers
Outcome :The only lose during the invasion occurred when a Union dropship had mechanical problems and crushed in the atmosphere of the planet.



Attackers:1st New Ivaarsen Chasseurs
Outcome:The light mechs of the Chasseurs, beat the experienced desert fighters and all resistance calm down.



Attackers:Bell Capellan March Militia RCT
Defender:1st Kearny Highlanders + militia regiments
Outcome: The secret negotiations with the AFFS give the Highlanders Northwind in exchange to stand down in all clashes with CCAF forces. The 1st Kearny abandoned the planet. The invading Bell CapMM had no problems with the defending militias.



Attackers:3rd Davion Guards
Outcome:The milita was lager than normal, because the planet was important to the CCAF. The defenders did their best to block the invading Guards but had no change against one of the best units of the AFFS.


Second Try[edit]

Attackers:20th Avalon Hussars
Outcome: The cold enviroment were a heavy burden for the Hussars. The invasion forces needed 8 longs weeks to secure the planet for the AFFS.


Wave 5[edit]

The overall objective was the same as it had always been, to conquer the Confederation and destroy as many Liao regiments as possible


Attackers:20th Avalon Hussars
Outcome:The militia had no change of a victory.



Attackers:1 battalion from the Gamma Regiment of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers
+ two regiments of Davion armor and four of infantry
Outcome:The defenders had the weather on their side. The climatic conditions of this planet are extreme. The attacking rangers weren't ready for such an environment. The defenders used the quickly changing weather to their advance. Only with the securing of the HQ of the militia, had the mercs a change to win. It took several attempts to reach the goal.



Attackers:5th Crucis Lancers.
Outcome:The reservists were no match for this regular army unit of the Davions.


New Macao[edit]

Attackers:7th Crucis Lancers
Outcome:The militia get defeated during brief battle.



Attackers:6th Crucis Lancers
Outcome:Because of a harvest ground for new Warriors house aspirants. The common people of this planet were fierce loyal to house Liao. The civilian casualties ran high and the moral of the Lancers ran low, because they must kill women even children to complete their mission. The defending militia used the volunteers as human shields. In regard of the loses the government surrender before a nother bloodbath happen.



Attackers:12th Vegan Rangers Delta Regiment and two battalions from Gamma
+ three regiments of armor and four of infantry
Defender:Sung's Cuirassiers + many militia regiments
Outcome:The unit assigned to them the best Hazard Teams available, because of rumors of a nerve gas. The Rangers attacked 3 times during their approach to the planetary capital. The casualties ran high but the medecs and mechanics adopted new ways to counter these gas. The defenders blocked the way to the target with barricades. The supporting artillery of the defenders get destroyed through the air support of the Rangers. When the CCAF saw their change they began to charge, the mercs saw these as a way to win the battle to. The fight lasted several hours. The mercs left 6 companies of fallen comrades on the field but the defenders suffer horrendous loses and abandon the planet.



Attackers:Davion Light Guards] RCT
Defender:1st Battalion Hurloc's Hussars + 1st Battalion 4th Tau Ceti Rangers
Outcome:The defending units defended two different locations. On part of the RCT were task with reconnaissance because the main body attacked the Rangers. The defenders had heavier machines and used this to their advantage, but after the command gained and early success the superior numbers of the Guards began to count. The Rangers retreat and left the planet. The Hussars had not enough support and after a few days of battle they surrender to the Guards.



Attackers:Davion Heavy Guards RCT
Defender:2nd Battalion Hurloc's Hussars
Outcome:The CO of the Hussars know the bad supply situation. The Guards meet no resistance by their landing on the planet. The reason was a fight between the CCAF defenders which erupted after a heated discussion. After loosing 19 mechs the surviving soldiers surrender without a nother fight to the Guards.



Attackers:5th Syrtis Fusiliers RCT + two regiments Crater Cobras + 2nd Regiment Screaming Eagles + 15 conventional regiments + as reinforcment Davion Heavy Guards RCT + Davion Light Guards RCT
Defender:Sarna Militia + McCarron's Armored Cavalry: 2nd + 3rd + 4th + 5th
Outcome:The Davion landed on 4 drop zones (Nova + Supernova = Crater Cobras, 2nd Eagle = Blackhole, 5th Fusililers = Pulsar).
The Fusiliers used a higher acceleration rate to land first on the planet. The unit was blind because they want to avenge the murdered Duke.
The 2nd Battalion faced the 4th MAC and suffer heavy loses. The 3rd tried to get out of the attacks of the Fighters battle soon the 3rd MAC, because the 1st Battalion lost 2 companies to the defenders. The loses on the Davion side run high: 93 mechs destroyed + 15 salvaged by the MAC, 10 Dropships destroyed and 80 percent of the supporting units get annihilated.
The remaining invasion force landed in one group. Both sides waited the following month how will take the first step. When no reinforcement came the MAC meet the invaders in the near of the dropzone. After several probing attacks the MAC started a final assault. The High Command send badly needed reinforcements. The MAC discover that they faced fresh troops attempt to flee the battlefield. The retreat to their dropships cost them nearly 3 full battalions.


Wave 6[edit]


Attackers: Davion Heavy Guards
Defender: militia
Outcome:The defending forces had no change against such odds.



Attackers: Davion Light Guards RCT
Defender: militia
Outcome:The fight for this planet was a bloody campaign, because the CO of the defenders was fanatical loyal to Liao and lead his troops in to death.



Attackers: 7th Crucis Lancers RCT
Defender: militia
Outcome:An internal fight by equal forces left many dead behind and the Lancers had nothing to do after their landing.



Attackers: 6th Crucis Lancers RCT
Defender: Kingston's Legionnaires
Outcome:The Lancers secured the water supply for the planetary capital were the Legionaires waited for them. After 14 day under the burning sun the CCAF unit run out of water and they chose to attack the invaders. The Lancers were ready for the desperate defenders. During the ongoing battle the CO of the Legionaires ask a cease fire with following retreat to capellan space.



Attackers: Gamma and Delta Regiments of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers and twelve conventional regiments attacked
Defender: 2nd Confederation Reserve Cavalry and 20 veteran tank and infantry regiments
Outcome: The Rangers landed far out site of the capellan defenders. The invaders were repeatedly attacked by fighters of the Cavalry. The Rangers headed to the planetary capital with minor fights. When the mercenaries split their forces in 3 parts (2 smaller once for flanking maneuvers and 1 as the main body) the defenders charged and doesn't know the reaming smaller forces of the Davion invaders. The CO of the Rangers order his troops back to close the trap and after the capellan Commanding Officer refuse to surrender the battle for this battalion was over. The other Cavalry units lifted off world without another fight.



Attackers: 5th Crucis Lancers RCT
Defender: First Battalion of Kamakura's Hussars
Outcome: The Lancers were only ready to meet regular militia, but no large mech force during the landing progress. The invaders had a difficult task to secure the planet without sufficient mech support. The ongoing fight lasted for the next 21 day and were too much for the Hussars. They retreated off world and travel back to the Cappellan Confederation space.


Kathil (counterattack) + Sian (surprise attack)[edit]

Attackers: 1st Kathil Uhlans
Defender: Death Commandos
Second Battalion of the 4th Tau Ceti Rangers
Warrior House Imarra (on Sian)
Part 1:
Maximillan Liao prepared an ambitious plan. The Comstar interdiction give the chancellor the opportunity which he needed. The bold plan was to assault Kathil with its drive jump engine manufacturing center. Liao thought without the center and its repair capacities the AFFS would be affected greatly. It would stop any further invasion, because no more jumpships could get maintenance. In a next step the plan had the goal to reconquer all lost territory and to destroy all invading forces in that progress The High Command get information from a spy in the staff of the CCAF. Hanse Davion give order to former a new unit from different parts of regular commands and on planet militia. The 1st Kathil Uhlans were born from the double strength company of the Light Davions Gurads, the survivors of the 5th Syrtis Fusilier of Sarna and companies of the standing militia.
Task with the raid were two experienced, fanatical units: 2nd battlion 4th Tau Ceti Rangers and Death Commandos. The raiders split in two equal forces. The Commandos lost one companies during the first landing phase. The surviving 24 machines get destroyed by a well-arranged ambushes of the defenders. The Rangers lost mechs to a minefield and surrender after a series of attacks which left only 8 machines functional. Morgan Hasek Davion guarantee the Rangers save passage back to cappelan space, because the spy on Sian get rescued by the Rangers Dropship.
Part 2:
The Uhlans used the ID of the Rangers to get back to Sian. They reported they catched Morgan Hasek Davion. The Chancellor havd bold dreams with the Davion. During the last phase of the landing the Dropships fired at the machines of House Imarra. The mechs were only ready for ceremonial duties. The gas of the missile burned the Triple Strengh Myomer of the House Mechs with easy. The Uhlans landed and waited long enough for Justin Xiang Allard to get to the spaceport and make it save home, back to the Federated Suns. This event was too much for the ruler of the confederation.

NAIS The Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 2

  • Creation of St. Ives Pact (former St. Ives Commonality) =>puffer state between Capcon and Fedsun

Wave 7[edit]

Goal: to gain as much territory as possible before truce. The following planets surrender without a fight:

Sarna (continued)[edit]


Attackers: 20th Avalon Hussars RCT + Gamma and Delta Regiments of the Twelfth Vegan Rangers
Defenders: A battalion of the 5th Confederation Reserve Cavalry + a battalion of Preston's Lancers
Outcome: The Rangers meet the Cavalry in a valley. The defenders make a fighting retreat and lose 4 lances before reaching their dropship and making it off world. :The Lancers make it harder for the invaders to gain their victory. After several successful ambushes, the Hussars use their numerical superiority to secure the planet after a few days of fighting. Only 12 Lancers mechs make it back to Capellan space.



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