Operation Götterdammerung

The Invasion had 3 parts

1st Attack[edit]

Al Hillah => 22nd Skye Rangers (Green)
Basiliano => 24th Arcturan Guards (Regular) + 25th Arcturan Guards (Regular) + Blackhearts (Regular)
Buckminster => 3rd Royal Guards (Elite)
Camlann => 20th Arcturan Guards (Veteran)
Diosd => 14th Donegal Guards (Regular)
Harvest => 4th Donegal Guards (Veteran) + 1st Lyran Regulars (Veteran) + 3rd Lyran Regulars (Regular)
Heiligendreuz => Bad Dream (Veteran)
Hyperion => Waco Rangers (Veteran)
Jabuka => 19th Arcturan Guards (Green)
Kandis => 26th Lyran Guards (Veteran)
Karbala => 10th Lyran Guards (Veteran)
Ko => 3rd Regiment, 12 Star Guards (Veteran) + 7th Regiment, 12 Star Guards (Green)
Marfik => 4th Skye Rangers (Elite)
Moritz => 8th Donegal Guards (Veteran)
New Caledonia => 30th Lyran Guards (Regular) + 10th Donegal Guards (Regular)
Orestes => 3rd Donegal Guards (Elite) + 4th Lyran Regulars (Regular)
Ramsau => 23rd Arcturan Guards (Veteran)
Sabik => Barrett's Fusiliers (Veteran)
Shionoha => Gray Death Legion (Veteran)
Vega => 3rd Lyran Guards (Veteran)
Volders => 2nd Narhal's Raiders (Regular)
Weingarten => 15th Lyran Regulars (Regular)
Wheel => Hansen's Roughriders (Veteran) + 1st Narhal's Raiders (Regular)

Exploitation Phase[edit]

Altenmarkt => 23rd Arcturan Guards (Veteran)
Aubisson => Gray Death Legion (Veteran)
Buckminster => 20th Arcturan Guards (Veteran)
Cebalrai => 2nd Regiment, 12 Star Guards (Regular)
Csesztreg => 30th Lyran Guards (Regular)
Gumium => 3rd Donegal Guards (Elite) + 4th Lyran Regulars (Regular) + 22nd Skye Rangers (Green)
Gunzburg => Bad Dream (Veteran)
Hainfeld => Hansen's Roughriders (Veteran)
Hohenems => 24th Arcturan Guards (Regular) + 25th Arcturan Guards (Regular)
Karbala => Richard's Panzer Brigade (Veteran)
Kimball II => 4th Skye Rangers (Elite)
Kornephoros => 4th Skye Rangers (Elite)
Kirchbach => 4th Donegal Guards (Veteran) + 3rd Lyran Regulars (Regular) + Winfield's Brigade (Elite) + 1st Tyr (Elite)
Kufstein => Blackhearts (Regular)
Lothan => 10th Lyran Guards (Veteran)
Memmingen => 15th Lyran Regulars (Regular)
Stanzach => 8th Donegal Guards (Veteran) + => 12th Donegal Guards (Green)
The Edge => 10th Donegal Guards (Regular)
Tukayyid => 19th Arcturan Guards (Green)
Utrecht => 14th Donegal Guards (Regular)
Verthandi => 1st Lyran Regulars (Veteran)

Last Step[edit]

Altenmarkt => 10th Lyran Guards (Veteran)
Atria => 3rd Regiment 12 Star Guards (Veteran)
Camlann => 4th Lyran Regulars (Regular)
Dehgolan => 19th Arcturan Guards (Green) + Richard's Panzer Brigade (Veteran)
Engadin => 26th Lyran Guards (Veteran)
Imbros III => 7th Regiment 12 Star Guards (Green)
Liezen => Winfleld's Brigade (Elite)
Mozirje => 3rd Lyran Regulars (Regular)
New Wessex => 3rd Lyran Guards (Veteran)
Radstadt => 8th Donegal Guards (Veteran)
Shirotori => 3rd Donegal Guards (Elite)
Unzmarkt => 24th Arcturan Guards (Regular) + 25th Arcturan Guards (Regular)
Vorarlberg => 12th Donegal Guards (Green)

During the initial attack phase the LCAF invaded 23 star systems.


Attackers:4th Donegal Guards + 1st Lyran Regulars + 3rd Lyran Regulars + 40 infantry and tank regiments
Defenders:5th Amphigean Light Assault Group + [[Helmut's Hermits] + 20 regiments of infantry and armor.
Outcome:During the landing the 3 Lyran commands exploited the disharmony between the two defending units as well as incompetent DCMS senior officers. The Lyrans made also good use of their lightning companies. The defenders retreat offworld after several successful attacks of the invaders.


Attackers:McGavin's Regiment Night Stalkers
Defenders:24th Arcturan Guards + 25th Arcturan Guards + Black Hearts
Outcome:The fighting for this planet was fierce. The Lyran units outnumbered the veteran Combine defenders 3 to 1, but the Night Stalkers outmaneuvered the Lyran forces, until the lightning companies of the Guards were able to pin the DCMS unit in place. The Stalkers sacrificed a heavy 'Mech company to break contact with the Lyran regiments and retreated offworld.


Attackers:1st Narhal Raiders + Hansen's Roughriders
Defenders:Tooth of Ymir + ten militia regiments
Outcome:The Combine defenders were seriously understrength, because the regular garrison was suspected to be involved in an assassination attempt against Takashi Kurita. Thus, large parts of the conventional garrison troops were interrogated on Luthien. Since the planetary militia consisted mostly of retirees and young, experienced troops, the defending mercenaries requested the invaders to settle the battle on "the old rules": Warrior against warrior without outside help. After 72 hours of continuous fighting the dust settled and the beaten Tooth of Ymir retreated offworld (they lost 36 machines).


Attackers:4th Skye Rangers + 25 infantry and tank regiments
Defenders:11th Legion of Vega + twelve other regiments
Outcome:The Rangers thought they had an easy target, but their overconfidence doomed their efforts for the fights to come. Theodore Kurita let them pay dearly for this actions, when the Rangers departed from the original battle plan and left their supporting conventional troops behind. However, when the Rangers returned to the battle plan, the Lyran troops ground the Kurita defenders down, and reduced the Legion of Vega to less than two companies. However, the remaining defenders captured a Lyran JumpShip and distracted the LCAF forces long enough for Theodore to jump into the Vega system.

Moritz [edit]

Attackers:8th Donegal Guards
Defenders:5th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre
Outcome:As suggested by LIC reports, the Sun Zhang Cadre was filled with new recruits fresh from the academy, which were unfit for battle. Thus, the inexperienced cadre suffered horrendous losses. Only about 50 percent of the cadre could retreat offworld after a final battle near the planetary capital Moritz.


Attackers:15th Lyran Regulars
Defenders:1st Sun Zhang Training Cadre
Outcome:The defenders were split into 3 equal forces. One by one the defenders were defeated. Only the sacrifice of a conventional unit saved some of the 'Mechs of the Cadre, which fled back to Combine space.


Attackers:26th Lyran Guards
Defenders:St. Cyr Heavy Assault Group
Outcome:The campaign was characterized by heavy 'Mech charges. The mercenaries retreated offworld after their 2nd battalion was mauled by the Lyran Guards.


Attackers:10th Lyran Guards
Defenders:Vandelay's Valkyries + 12 infantry and armor regiments
Outcome:Frederick Steiner, the CO of the Guards thought, that the 'Mech forces alone could gain victory against usual mercs, resulting in a brutal fight. Ultimately, the Lyran Guards defeated the defenders. However, the invaders took also heavy damage, mostly because their conventional forces were not in range for effective support.

New Caledonia[edit]

Attackers:30th Lyran Guards + 10th Donegal Guards
Defenders:2nd An Ting Legion
Outcome:The light machines of the Legion were trapped in near the planetary capital, when the invaders landed south and north of the defenders. The Lyrans gave their best and mauled the Kurita defenders. The Legion left two companies on the planet.

Al Hillah[edit]

Defenders:local militia


Attackers:Bad Dream
Defenders:local militia


Defenders:local militia


Attackers:14th Donegal Guards
Defenders:local militia


Attackers:Waco Rangers
Defenders:local militia
Outcome:The militia was easily crushed by the mercenaries.


Attackers:19th Arcturan Guards,
Defenders:5th Rasalhague Regulars
Outcome:The CO of the defenders killed himself, after a minor defeat from the invading forces which was commanded by a women. His second in command was such a poor tactician that the unit must leave the planet after only a short series of battles.


Attackers:3rd Regiment + 7th Regiment, 12th Star Guards
Defenders:local militia
Outcome:Conquered by the LCAF


Attackers:4th Lyran Regulars
Defenders:local militia
Outcome:Conquered by the LCAF


Attackers:23rd Arcturan Guards
Defenders:local militia
Outcome:Conquered by the LCAF


Defenders:local militia
Outcome:Conquered by the LCAF


Defenders:local militia
Outcome:Conquered by the LCAF


Attackers:Gray Death Legion
Defenders:local militia
Outcome:Conquered by the LCAF


Outcome:Conquered by the LCAF


Attackers:3rd Royal Guards and the 39 regiments of the RCT + 20th Arcturan Guards (reinforced.)
Defenders:2nd Sword of Light regiment + 22 of the best infantry and tank regiments + 6th Arkab Legion (reinforced.)
Outcome:Because Buckminster is the capital of the Buckminster Prefecture, the planet was important for both sides. The loss of an important legislative center would throw the entire prefecture into chaos.

The defenders consisted of some of the best forces available in the DCMS, including the Coordinator's personal unit, the 2nd Sword of Light. The invaders were also carefully selected in form of the elite 3rd Royal Guards of the LCAF. The Guards used unorthodox tactics (including the use of naval vessel) to surprise the elite Kurita defenders. The 2nd Sword was nearly annihilated when they sought to defend two vital mountain passes. The Royal Guards charged the passes, when the Elvidner, a squadron of six Fortress-class DropShips landed behind the Kurita units. Some Kurita units panicked, when the DropShips opened fire with their Long Tom artillery pieces. The Combine units suffered horrendous losses during their retreat. The effective use of the Dropship-squadron were repeated several times. The DCMS learned to fade away, when their sensors sensed incoming DropShips. When the 6th Arkab Legion reinforced the Sword of Light, the Lyrans used the Elvidner and the Lightning companies to harass the Kurita units and prevented them from linking up until Lyran reinforcements arrived. Finally, the 20th Arcturan Guards arrived to support the 3rd Guards. The DCMS retreated back to the planetary capital Buckminster City, a major urban center. In preparation of an assault they set traps at every possible place. The DCMS also evacuated important politicians as well as documents from Buckminster. The Royal Guards originally tried to starve the defenders out and blockaded the city. However, they were directed to take a more aggressive stance. When the 3rd Royal Guards and the 20th Arcturan Guards made the final assault but the Sworders awaited them. After losing one third in bitter street fighting, the 2nd Sword charged the Lyran attackers. Simultaneously, the Arkab Legion broke through the light Lyran screening force and attacked the rear of the Lyran units. The overwhelmed Lyran units fought on for three days, but ultimately retreated back to their DropShips, because they had little chance to capture the planetary capital.


Attackers:3rd Lyran Guards
Defenders:2nd Legion of Vega + 14th Legion of Vega + 40 tank and infantry regiments
Outcome:The battle for Vega changed with the arrival of Theodore Kurita. He lead the two Legion of Vega units after a series of victories to that point, where the overall commander of the Lyran Guards make a decision to retreat before being completely destroyed by the inspired defenders.

The Edge[edit]

Attackers:10th Donegal Guards
Defenders:25th Rasalhague Regulars
Outcome:Conquered by the LCAF


Attackers:Gray Death Legion
Outcome:Conquered by the LCAF


Attackers:Hansen's Roughriders
Outcome:Conquered by the LCAF


Attackers:3rd Donegal Guards
Outcome:Conquered by the LCAF

Kimball II[edit]

Attackers:3rd Dierons
Defenders:4th Skye Rangers (2 Battalions)
Outcome:Reconquered by the DCMS.


Attackers:4th Donegal Guards + 3rd Lyran Guards + Winfield's Briade + Tyr Regiment
Defenders:5th Amphigean Light Assault Group + 17th Rasalhague Regulars + Helmut Hermit's
Outcome:The appearance of the secret Tyr regiment resulted in riots by the local population and overwhelming support for the invaders. When the Rasalhague Regulars were mauled by the Tyr, and both other commands already weak, the DCMS evacuated all military personal from the planet.


Attackers:Winfield's Brigade + 4th Donegal Guards
Defenders:Altenmarkt Militia
Outcome:Liezen was defended by a veteran DCMS line unit, the Altenmarkt Militia. The two battalion strong Winfield's Brigade seized the planet's three major cities in short order. However, the when the larger Altenmarkt Militia faded away, the Brigade lacked the manpower to garrison the cities against strong guerilla forces and still to hunt down the Altenmarkt 'Mechs. The arrival of the 4th Donegal Guards changed the situation significantly in favor of the Lyran troops. When the Altenmarkt Militia ultimately headed offworld, the resistance movement collapsed.


Attackers:26th Lyran Guards + Blackhearts (reinforced.)
Defenders:St. Cyr Heavy Assault Group + 5th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre
Outcome:The Lyran Guards give its best to crush all resistance on this planet, but the ongoing campaign against the defenders took its toll. With fresh troops and badly needed supplies the invaders forced the 5th Cadre to surrender and the mercenaries offplanet.


Outcome:Conquered by the LCAF


Outcome:Conquered by the LCAF

Impros III[edit]

Outcome:Conquered by the LCAF


Outcome:Conquered by the LCAF


Outcome:Conquered by the LCAF


Outcome:Conquered by the LCAF


Attackers:Mobile Fire (LCAF) + Bad Dream (LCAF)
Defenders:22nd Rasalhague Regulars
Outcome:The invading forces make an hide and seek game with the defenders. The CO of Mobile Fire used false communications to set a trap for the Rasalhague Regulars. With the surrounding of the Regulars the fight was over and the 22nd surrendered.


Attackers:3rd Donegal Guards
Defenders:1st Proserpina Hussars
Outcome:Only with the change in command could the Guards regain the offensive. The new commander fight the Hussars at every opportunity. The intelligence staff discover that the enemy commander held meetings at every morning. This was the weak link that the 3rd used at its best. A Headhunter mission was successful during the CO were killed and the headless Hussars retreat after 7 days of fighting.
=> The DCMS began with an counter attack after the consolidate their deleted numbers.

The Edge[edit]

Attackers:25th Rasalhague Regulars
Defenders:10th Donegal Guards + 1st Lyrans Regulars
Outcome:The Rasalhague Regulars did their best to give the Lyrans no chance to deliver the final blow. The DCMS sacrifice some of their conventional troops to give the 'Mech forces the time to position them in the right place. With the arrival of the 1st Lyran the DCMS defenders could only retreat under moderate losses off planet.


Attackers:9th Pesht Regulars + 13th Rasalhague Regulars
Defenders:12th Donegal Guards + 8th Donegal Guards (reinforced.) + Tyr Regiment
Outcome:The fighting between the two factions were without a decision. The Tyr make a successful attack against a large portion of the defenders. The District Commander ordered both regiments offworld to consolidate his frontline.


Attackers:7th Sword of Light
Defenders:14th Donegal Guards (were first invaders)
Outcome:The Sword of Light secured a easily defending mountain range, because the Lyrans controlled some population centers. The CO of the Guards decided to make a long march to the Swords unit. Under heavy losses the commanding officer of the 2nd ordered an overall retreat offworld.


Attackers:17th Benjamin Regulars
Defenders:4th Skye Rangers (1 Battalion)


Attackers:Kingstons's Caballeros (DCMS)
Defenders:Barett's Fusiliers (LCAF)
Outcome:Reconquered by the DCMS

La Blon[edit]

Attackers:4th Proserpina Hussars + 18 supporting regiments
Defenders:local militia
Outcome:Conquered by the DCMS

=> LCAF gained: Ueda, Skolkie, Atria, Imbos III, Unzmarkt, Mozirje
=> LCAF lost: Cebalrai, Sabik, La Blon, Altenmarkt, Vega


Attackers:13th Rasalhague Regulars
Defenders:1st Grave Walkers + 2nd Grave Walkers
Outcome:The Rasalhague Regular make an suicide assault against this important lyran world. The CO of the merc command and the Duke of Tamar had a dispute about how the Regulars could routed out. The mercenaries send the Duke to sleep with a knockout and destroyed the DCMS unit to the last machine. The Duke demand the execution of the officer but were forced to abone this with the arrival of a higher ranking official.
renewed invasion
The LCAF conquer Feltre, Nox, Galuzzo, Quarrel, Csesztreg


Attackers:Waco Rangers + Hansen's Roughriders
Defenders:9th Rasalhague Regulars
Outcome:After several months of hide and seek the invaders pin the defender in place. The DCMS unit hat 2 choices:to fight and die or to leave the planet. They abandoned the planet in favor of the LCAF.


Attackers:23rd Arcturan Guards
Defenders:5th Rasalhague Regulars
Outcome:The DCMS unit retreat with the invading of the 23rd and the hostile population on planet.
Operation Holdur

Dromini VI[edit]

Attackers:10 conventional regiments
Defenders:11 militia regiments
Outcome:The LCAF conquered the planet


Attackers:conventional forces
Defenders:16 militia regiments
Outcome:The LCAF conquered the planet


Attackers:3rd Regiment (12th Star Guards)
Defenders:militia units
Outcome:The LCAF conquered the planet


Attackers:7th Regiment (12th Star Guards)
Defenders:militia units
Outcome:The LCAF conquered the planet


Attackers:17th Skye Rangers + Always Faithful
Defenders:18th Dieron Regulars
Outcome:The defending unit were prepared for the harsh environment on this planet. The invading forces suffer under the constant raids from the Regulars and the heat of this desert planet. The LCAF decided when the fighting continued both units will suffer unnecessary loses and withdrew its forces offworld.


Attackers:17th Donegal Guards + Gray Death Legion
Defenders:22nd Dieron Regulars
Outcome:The first phase was equal between the two forces. With the arrival of the Legion the tide changed to the LCAF favor. The 22nd Diron breakout and could overrun the surprised Guards. The DCMS unit abandoned the planet with its retreat offworld.

La Blon[edit]

Attackers:1st Royal Guards + Barret's Fusiliers (6 lances)
Defenders:4th Proserpina Hussars
Outcome:The Hussars held the countryside because the Lyrans controlled two important forts. The Hussars believed they could trap the 1st Royal in a fort but this was an ambush by itself. The fierce fight took its tale from the DCMS. The supporting mercenaries finished the survivors off.


Attackers:24th Lyran Guards
Defenders:Kingstons's Caballeros
Outcome:The superior numbers were too much for the defending mercenary unit. The Caballeros delivered some damage before they were forced to retreat offworld.