Operation MATADOR

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Planet AFFS TDF Note
Flintoft[1] Davion Assault Guards[1]
First Syrtis Fusiliers[1]
Concordat Jaegers[1]
Carmichael[1] Davion Assault Guards[1]
Horsham [1] Fourth Ceti Hussars[1] Taurian Guard [1]
Robsart[1] Fifth Crucis Lancers[1] Taurian Guard[1]
Diefenbaker[1] Fifth Crucis Lancers[1] militia[1]
Hyalite[1] Second Robinson Strikers[1]
Eighth Syrtis Fusiliers [1]
Third Taurian Lancers[1]
Norman's World[1] Eighth Syrtis Fusiliers [1] militia[1]
Lothair[1] Twenty-second Avalon Hussars[1] Third Taurian Lancers[1]
Perdition[1] Twenty-second Avalon Hussars[1]
First Davion Guards[1]
First Macleod’s Regiment[1]
Logan's Land[1] First Davion Guards[1]
Amber Grove[1] 21st Illician Rangers[1]
Organo[1] Red Chasseurs[1] 4th Illician Rangers[1]
Althea's Choice[1] Second Ceti Hussars[1]
Third Ceti Hussars[1]
Red Chasseurs[1]
Cyrton[1] Third Ceti Hussars[1] militia[1]
Ridgebrook[1] 59th Strike Regiment[1]
Syrtis Avengers[1]