Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Potemkin


As at 3061 the Potemkin-class cruiser Ophidian was a WarShip within the Clan Steel Viper touman and was serving as the CSV Ophidian alongside her sister ship, the CSV Serpentes.[1]

The Wars of Reaving claimed the Ophidian; in September 3073 the Steel Vipers were engaged in attempting to absorb or destroy the Kindraa Mattila-Carrol presence on Glory when forces from Clan Goliath Scorpion arrived in the system. Finding their allies from Clan Fire Mandrill under seige, the Goliath Scorpions moved to assist Kindraa Matilla-Caroll.[2]

saKhan Kelton Myers moved the Goliath Scorpion forces into orbit above Glory and was immediately challenged by the Steel Vipers, who declared the Scorpions to be dezgra and had the Ophidian and the accompanying Aegis-class heavy cruiser CSV Silver Snake open fire on the Scorpion ships without waiting for any response. The Lola III-class destroyer CGS Auriga was badly damaged by the initial volley from the Ophidian, and both the Viper and Scorpion fleets promptly launched DropShips and AeroSpace Fighters as the Scorpions launched a ferocious defense.[2]

The Steel Viper forces managed to destroy the Auriga as well as the Sovetskii Soyuz-class heavy cruiser CGS Serket and the Aegis-class heavy cruiser CGS Corona Borealis. Despite the damage inflicted by the Viper forces, they were unable to prevent the Scorpions landing ground forces on the surface of Glory; the Ophidian was lost during the battle, and the heavily-damaged Silver Snake was forced to retreat with the remaining Viper fighters, falling back to the far side of Foster's primary moon.[2]


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