Pagoda for Luthien Officers

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The Pagoda for Luthien Officers is a major military academy located on Luthien, capital of the Draconis Combine, though it is derisively known by other academy graduates as "Pampered Luthien Officers." Enrollment is only open to members of the nobility - specifically those who have reaffirmed their titles - and who pass the application process, which consists of a series of interviews and formal functions. While technically a military academy, the school focuses mostly on training officers for life at court; indeed cadets who stress combat skills over manners are snubbed by their fellow students and instructors. Among those rare cadets who manage to master both include Isoroku Kurita, cousin of Theodore Kurita.[1][2]

A three-month basic training course gives way to advanced programs in a cadet's MOS. The majority train to become MechWarriors, though a few take part in the Aerospace Fighter program. Required courses include Protocol and Bureaucracy, with additional electives such as Administration. However, most students' stress not comes from their coursework but the constant social peacocking and debating about whose family is superior.[1][2]

Only the truly inept can overcome their political influence and be dismissed from PLO, ensuring nearly every student graduates and are given the daisho at a graduation ceremony presided over by the Coordinator himself. Most PLO graduates though will never take part in a battle or be force to command troops in the field: roughly 15% choose an assignment other than on Luthien.[1][2]


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