Palmyra Petrochemicals

Formerly an independent company, Palmyra Petrochemicals is a petroleum extracting and processing division of Federated Suns based Melcher Food Corporation. [1] [2]

Company Profile[edit]

New Avalon Stock & Commodities Symbol: PaPet (circa 3025) [1]

Home Office: Hilder's Hell, Palmyra [1]

Leader Ship[edit]

The company's CEO in 3025 was Countess Rebecca Graldy[1].


Even in the thirty-first century, petroleum and petroleum based products are still widely used in a variety of items across human space. This demand allowed Palmyra Petrochemicals to remain a major industrial concern within the Federated Suns for many years. Their skill and reliability allowed the company to maintain several Star League Star League Era satellites and facilities despite the ravages and shortages of the Succession Wars.

When Hanse Davion assumed power and encouraged more investment in the Outback (those worlds near the Periphery border), Palmyra Petrochemicals was eager to participate. When a new world is colonized, that planet is dependent upon inexpensive sources of energy until a modern infrastructure can be built and maintained. Thus any world with large deposits of petroleum will quickly move to harness these resources. As colonization increased in the Outback, Palmyra had multiple survey crews working with Federated Planetary Surveyors to find and exploit deposits of petroleum across many worlds. This effort ensured Palmyra was well placed when those worlds began accepting bids to extract these resources. In addition, Palmyra was one of the few remaining companies at the time in the Inner Sphere who has the ability to construct and maintain orbital fuel refineries which reduces risks to a planet's biosphere[1].

Ultimately the company would fall prey to a hostile takeover from the ruthlessly aggressive Melcher Food Corporation in the wake of the Fourth Succession War. [2]


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